New-Old Look 695

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by sjc166

I stumbled across this frame completely unexpected. It was a store demo frame at a price which was too good not to buy (I tried to explain to my better half that i’m making money by buying it, dont think she saw it like that). The guy at the store said it was a 2013 model but i think he put a bit on mustard on it……its more like a 2012. Nevertheless, a Look 695 was always a bit of a “bucket list” bike for me so i pounced on it.

The build list is as follows

Frame: Look 695 (L)
Wheels: Enve 45’s (taken from my C59)
Tyres: Vittoria Corsa
Bars: Deda
Saddle Fizik
FD & RD: DA 9070 Di2
Shifters: DA 9070 Di2
Brakes: DA 9070
Cassette: Ultegra
Chainrings: Praxis
Chain: KMC X11
Pedal: Speedplay (borrowed from my C59)

Weight: A hefty 7.2kg

Its certainly not the lightest but it rides like a dream. I am very pleased with it.

I also have a C59 which will now get a well deserved rest viewtopic.php?f=10&t=121272&hilit=nato+green+c59

I have put some Mavic RSYS wheels on the C59 now (it did have Enves on it but they have be moved onto the 695). The C59 is lighter than when it had the Enves (now 6.8kg) on but it feels a lot more sluggish….the mavics are not the most area wheels out.

ImageIMG_0793 by Shaun Cox, on Flickr
ImageIMG_0794 by Shaun Cox, on Flickr
ImageIMG_0792 by Shaun Cox, on Flickr
ImageIMG_0801 by Shaun Cox, on Flickr

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by kgt

That's a really nice frame, almost a classic. I like the color as well!

by Weenie

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by Stolichnaya

Beautiful bike.
(You win for canabalizing a Colnago C59 too; meant in all good jest!) :thumbup:

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by sjc166

Stolichnaya wrote:Beautiful bike.
(You win for canabalizing a Colnago C59 too; meant in all good jest!) :thumbup:

Haa, yes. It was a bit like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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by NiFTY

2 great builds.
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by MikeMoore

Love that 695, the grey tape really sets it off. Awesome.
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by Juanmoretime

If I had big thumbs it would be a big thumbs up. Very nice paint scheme. Very nice build. The real question is how does it ride?

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by ultyguy

Yeah I love those 695's, I think they were definitely ahead of their time and are aging very well!

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by zulu695

very nice, lovely color scheme!

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by nobuseri

Very nice 695! I like the mostly silver paint
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by lrdunc

Absolutely gorgeous...I love this bike.

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by Wonderman

I usually don't go for Look frames, but this is sweeeeet very well done

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by felipedana

very nice build!

did you weigh the frame/fork/post/stem combo ?

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by toride

Nice, both of you're machines pull my heart strings, ive not really ever been fond of the 695, well the white or yellow model but i can see why you pounced on this on.


by Weenie

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by AZR3

The Look is pretty sexy but I'm drawn to the Colonago.....that green just draws me in, love it!!

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