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by petelars

Hey all,

I joined my brother at this year's La Marmotte. My fitness level wasn't up to doing the race itself, but we spent the week leading up to it training on the mountains down there. I ran a 34-28 as the smallest gear, and that was very iffy. Anything above say 9% for a bit would make my HR explode. So, I've started training a lot more, with the aim of doing the race next year.

I live in Denmark, so hills are... hard... to come by. I've gotten myself a bkool hometrainer for the winter, where I'll be doing a fair bit of simulated climbing.

I will be taking care of... body weight... too, for next year's race. Expect to race at 185 cm / 75 kg.

I have a bikefit scheduled for early August, so I might be looking for new parts.

I ride a 2012 Focus Cayo Evo 2.0 56 cm:

Frame Cayo Evo carbon
Fork Cayo Evo T4 carbon
Wheelset Cosmic SLs for flats, Dura Ace c24-cl for climbing
Tires Continental 4000S
Shifter Shimano Ultegra DI2
Brakes Shimano Ultegra
Brake lever Shimano Ultegra DI2
Handlebar FSA Wing Comp
Stem FSA Team Issue carbon
Seatpost FSA Team Issue carbon
Saddle Prologo Nago Evo
Pedals Look Keo Classic

I've decided that it'd be a good idea to have a go at shaving off weight of the bike. It is pretty portly from the factory, but the C24s helped a bit.

I'm looking at replacing the FSA handlebar, stem and seatpost (761 g total) with a 3T LTD/Team combo (ergonova, arx, stylus), at 490 g or so. Any other advice? Should I dump 3T for something else?

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by TerribleCadence

Seems like you're on the right track to me, ie training. Get that sorted and into a routine ASAP and you'll do just fine next year! Its an event I would really like to do.

With that much climbing any weight loss on the bike would be noticed! Better pedals and shoes are another place to look at, oh and a very well ventilated helmet! Gri Aeon or the Kask Mojito/Vertigo have served me well in recent weeks with our english heatwave!

The winner of this years Marmotte is actually a user of this site, see his bike here...
FELT AR0 Now sold.
CAAD10 Force 22, Quarq, Ksyrium SLR
LOOK 695 Light, Force22, Zipp 303.

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by petelars

Lol, I'd love to be able to do it in 5 ½ hours, but that seems a bit out of reach, tbh. My goal is around 8, and I absolutely want to beat my brother, at 9 hrs 20 min (he was 98 kg when riding).

It was around 37 degrees celcius at the bottom of the Alpe when my brother hit it - most people took their helmets off on the climb. Pretty dangerous, when they also rode on the left hand side to find shade, and people who'd already finished began coming down the mountain...

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by petelars

Well, this is moving faster than I thought.

A guy had a brand new 3T Palladio seatpost lying around. Paid 50% of MRSP for a factory new post - still attached to the cardboard! That's 100g down.

Also have a line on a like-new, from the looks of it, Ergonova LTD handlebar, at 60% of MRSP. That's another 100g.

Now all I need's a stem. ARX or Integra? That integrated mount for a Garmin, with aero improvements, intrigues me. Won't save me any weight, though.

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by Zakalwe

Forget the aero Garmin mount, get a light stem and Sellotape your ears back about the same aero effect. :D

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by petelars


Before picture. Taken right after we got home from La Marmotte, hence the jersey.

I don't know if I want to keep the white handlebar tape... It looks nice, but it gets natty real quick.

And please excuse the eyesore beneath the saddle - I commuted to work the next day on it :)

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