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by Stolichnaya

This is a frameset I acquired a few months ago and built up with some new and old parts.
DeRosa Team ISP with a full carbon fork.
The size is 69 (largest) and the paint scheme is the Blue Italia.
The original frame came with a double clamp and heavy post that together weighed in at 280 grams. I shaved down the paint on the seat tube a bit to accommodate a top cap and the KCNC Majestic was roughly 122 grams, for some nice savings.
I am still seeking the stem position and it should end up 5 to 10 mm lower before finally cutting the steerer to size.
Parts are older Campagnolo Chorus and Record 10 speed.
A friend commented that it looks like one of those eccentric public buses from some third world mountainous country. Yea, all black, it is not. I do these things just to make FelixOr cringe... :lol:






Bike plus me, minus me, on a bathroom scale stated a weight of 7.55kg. I'll try to get it weighed up properly at some point. Rides nicely and managed the hills around Lake Garda a few weeks ago with more aplomb that me.


by Weenie

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De Rosas are very pretty.

I'm a bit tired of stealth bikes and like the color of this.

Nice build IMO

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by ultyguy

Always loved this frame, how does it ride? I like the titanium Shamals too, very slick.

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by TimmS

Lovely detail for colours and good old record carbon cranks!
Love it.

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by wingguy

Stolichnaya wrote:Yea, all black, it is not.

All the better for it! :thumbup:

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Nice ride. After seeing this bike I think my weak spot isn't at cervelo's it is with De Rosa's. Lovely!

but hey, is Felix still alive and riding? We lost him a bit. he is more then welcome to enter again.
'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'

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by SWijland

Like ;)

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by Stolichnaya

Yes, Felix is still with us. He is a working stiff now, but doing well!
I have dragged him out on a few rides and he can still levitate uphill despite the lack of kms in the legs.
I will pass on the sentiment to reengage on WWs.

As for how the frame rides, I have not put so many km in it yet to really state confidently. The initial reaction was that it is quite stable at speed, and following one dicey evasive move at 65 kph I can confirm that it can be muscled around and stay upright, so the front end is tight, but certainly not direct drive like the Canyon CF Ultimate I have. I find myself comparing the DeRosa fork (a Mizuno produced full carbon model) to the Canyon and that is a mistake. The DeRosa fork is plenty stiff and certainly not portly - it is a remarkable component to be offered with such an affordable frameset. I suppose if I lost some weight the fork would respond even better. :)

The Team frame is marketed by DeRosa as an entry level option, which is sad. The workmanship is very refined and the frame has an ability to achieve a nice low stretched out position as needed. I use a really old school saddle (San Marco Squadra Ti) so any buzz that there might be from the frame is soaked up. The ISP makes for a direct feel even with that saddle, so I would assume if you use some slimmer model saddle, you might get more abuse.

In all honesty, I have been gravitating to no-frills frames that provide a good value and perform well for some time. I have come full circle back to metal and alu appeals to me. This DeRosa is a nice step up from the faithful Fort (the alu Storm model) I reach for on most days. That the Team frameset also looks great is a nice add-on (and the price was too good to not grab it.)

I would not hesitate to compete on this frameset in the final analysis. But my riding requirements are not so rigid - if you hand me a bike, I will figure out a way to ride it. I am not so hung up on half percents on the seat tube angle, etc. Get me a frame within range and I will dial in the fit eventually. I tend to fit a bike based on how I want it to handle instead of transferring the exact fit from one bike to another.

I believe the new 2013 Team framesets are designed around a tapered headtube and the ISP was dropped. The new ones are oddly colored, but I am certain a step up in performance.

I will try to pull up the individual weight of the frame and fork at some point.

Thanks for the kind words.
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by HillRPete

Very nice work, Stoli. Flashy, but in a subtle way, with great details. The sideshot is great too.

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by kgt

Lovely frame!
Don't like the seatpost shim, the bartape color and this awful saddle of course.

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by mrfish

Very nice bike. I've always been a big DeRosa fan, since the days of the Gewiss team. And despite this being ww, nice to hear someone focussed on having fun and riding their bike.

Aesthetically there are a few areas I would think about changing: Try some white tape and maybe a white Scratch or Regal saddle. THen swap the Lizardskin thing for two layers of blue electrical tape. Much better looking and easily replaceable. If you degrease the chainstay and apply it without stretching it doesn't peel off. Also plain black spacers and a cut steerer might look better.

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by Stolichnaya

What, no love for my saddle? :lol:
I get that a lot... but it fits me and all the dozens of other saddles bought and tested eventually got binned.
I have a white Squada though, I will give it a shot at some point. The grey saddle does pick up the grey pinstripes on the frame's seattube nicely in real light though.
The chainstay protector is simply because in no matter which direction I ride, I hit cobbles and they wreak havoc on sensitive Italian paint jobs no matter how thick the protective tape is. Only thing I have found that preserves a paint job longer term when riding from home is the MTB style neopren. It's ugly. But I am rarely accused of being a fashionista... despite the grey comment above :wink:

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by jesherwood

Beautiful build... I like the saddle/bar tape combo. And I did notice the grey in the seattube - even if that does make me a fashionista. Nice job, Stoli!
More weight than weenie.

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by ultyguy

Ditto on liking the colour combo, nice to see someone make something work other than white or black. *GASP* adventurous grey!

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by michel2

very nice indeed very, the red brakes the grey shamals, its wild and but very nicley ballanced ( is that possibly ? (-: )
well done, what cables are you using ?

by Weenie

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