Look 695 SR with Dura-Ace Di2 9070 (New pic 4.9.2013)

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by Jman

So I was going to get second Canyon to replace my old CF Team. Did put order in for Aeroad CF 9.0 Team and it was supposed to come by 14.6. ...it did not nor did Canyon inform me any way of delay. Called them to ask where we stand and was promptly told that there is a 5(!!) week delay, they don't know why and got hung on shortly after that.

So I told them to screw themselves and cancelled my order. Immediately after that I found Look 695 SR frameset on sale and pulled the trigger. Under two weeks from that I got my new bike delivered to me.

For wheels I had my old Mavic CCU's on which I did a bit of customization. Spokes got matt white plus matt clear coat and rims got few layers of matt clear coat. Decals I still have to apply after I do final check on the paint and clear coat.

EDIT: Bought second set of wheels from Ebay. 24mm profile. Weight(Front+Back): 496g+630g

Frame: Look 695 SR Black Label
Fork: Look HSC7
Shifters: Dura-Ace Di2 9070
Brakes: Dura-Ace Di2 9070
Cassette: Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11-25
Stem: Look C-Stem
Crankset: Look ZED2
Chainrings: 53-39 ROTOR Q-Rings
Saddle: Selle Italia CX Zero
Handlebars: 3T Ergonova Team Stealth
Pedals: Look Keo Blade Carbon CroMo
Wheelset: Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate

Weight with pedals 6.46 kg

I took few pics yesterday, still not with proper camera though...

Uncutted seatpost and steerer tube:





With China 24mm wheels:


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by MarkGiardini

That looks soooo hot!
It doesn't need the decals man, it looks like sex on wheels as it is!
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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Damn I love Look's!

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by Valbrona

Makes those bikes covered with matte black paint look crap. And you can't scratch paint that isn't there.

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by Monkeyboy3333

do not under any circumstances put decals on the wheels. it is done...leave well alone....as you can tell I couldn't be more jealous.

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by sjc166

Its a shame about Canyon, when i got my aeroad it was pain free. But in saying that i think you have done a good job with your other option....it looks super. Make my aeroad look like the poorer relative. Also i agree with the others, i would touch a thing, its perfect.

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by thencameyou

pure win. (change those tubs to a pair of veloflex stat though!)

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by ultyguy

Tight :thumbup:

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by Jman

Cutted the seatpost and also steerer tube.

Weight with pedals 6,46 kg.

thencameyou wrote:pure win. (change those tubs to a pair of veloflex stat though!)

Why Veloflex and which ones you recommend?

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by Imaking20

Sweet baby Jesus.

I finished.

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by kgt

A masterpiece! Respect.

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by Jman

I'm considering backup wheelset in case I run into something more serious with my current ones.

Basically I'm contemplating between FarSports 24mm carbon tubulars (980g) and FarSports 50mm carbon tubulars (1140g with PU Foam filled rims and 3k braking surface OR 1160g with standard rims with basalt braking surface).

IMO higher profile wheels suit the bike better and I don't have any real climbs here where I live.

Johnny Rad wrote:Love the white spokes.

Thx, got the idea from Lightweight Special Editions and this picture:

How do you like the stem? Did you adjust the angle?

Seems to be ok. Plenty stiff. No I did not, it's in the lowest possible setup. I cutted the steerer tube to go lower though. Pretty nice that with the Look frameset you get the tools to correctly cut both seatmast and steerer tube.

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by Elrey

Better pic's please...

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by prendrefeu

So nice, so menacing. So delicious.
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