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by bura

@mark twain: True. Bad habit of Europeans to copy American marketing. But must say : I have seen new Madfiber wheels with SMALLER sized sticker set!

ZIPP's big "Z" reminds me too much to
http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/ori ... 2_1024.jpg
Kuota Kom Evo
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by ultyguy

Boralb wrote:
ultyguy wrote:Thanks for those!

I'm guessing you meant to put 50 instead of 20 for setback? And finally, what length stem? Thanks!

Yes, i've written down the post setback :sorry:
Saddle setback is 55mm and stem 110mm/-12 degree.

No worries, really very helpful, thanks again! Wicked ride :twisted:

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by G6612

What type of bike stand is that? manufacturer? where can I get one?

Never mind I found it!

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by Boralb

G6612 wrote:What type of bike stand is that? manufacturer? where can I get one?

It is a 'Giant' brand stand, which i've bought from my lbs earlier.

Finally i could ride it tonight, and my first impressions are very positive. :thumbup:
Mostly i was concerning about the carbon brake track of my wheels, but they work like a charm, without any noise :thumbup:
(Using red exogram calipers with new zipp tangente platinum pro evo pads)
You can apply the power as needed, with good modulation. Nice brake routing of the bike and sram slickwire cables might also play a role on good modulation. Brake power is stronger, when comparing with the ksyriums and exogram's default swisstop black pads.

I inflated the tires as 113f/116r. (79kg). Ride quality is quite different(comfortable) when comparing with the ksyrium wheels. They also hold your speed noticeably well especially when cruising about 35km/h and up.
I'll go and try 110psi f&r next time.

When sprinting, no flex from the bb and rear triangle area as expected. The tension of nds rear wheel spokes were low, when comparing them with the ds and front wheel spokes, but it didn't cause any noticable flex or noise during my sprints.

Front-end feels like a concrete block. Stem plays a big role there, as i have experineced it on my earlier bikes also:D

Finally, after the bad luck with my earlier brandnew defective evo frame, this one seems fine currently.

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by limba

Great bike and photos.

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by manne


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