Colnago C59 - Mapei - Build pics now added

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by PSM

Nice build. :thumbup:

White tape and seat. Pls.
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by Weenie

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by Calnago

I have to wonder where one is coming from when they say that Lightweight wheels are "phenomenally comfortable". They are very stiff, for sure, but nowhere near the comfort and smoothness of say, a set of Boras (in the same profile category). Might this be a case of "I just paid a gazillion dollars for these wheels, and damnit they are the most comfortable wheels ever, they must be, right?... right?" Uh... not necessarily.
Great bike though, but I've never liked the all white seatpost.
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Very nice build!
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giant man
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by giant man

looks great, I wouldn't change anything personally, except bar tape colour.

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by RichTheRoadie

I reckon it needs a nice dark blue bar tape... I'd also go black post with a white saddle, and I preferred the white stem, but that's just me.

I actually quite like it, despite the new logo being questionable.

Have to agree with Calnago though - Lightweights are not 'comfortable' wheels. 'Brutally stiff' more like. Unavoidably good looking too though :)

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by SalsaLover

Very Nice!

Here goes my vote for white saddle and tape too
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by kov79

Got a deal on the 80th anniversary boras, I love boras, just never been a fan of the gloss finish, so look forward to putting these on, with white bar tape!

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by kov79

Boras have arrived and now waiting on veloflex to arrive. Q: I have not had tubs for a few years and bought the conti cement for carbon rims, I have now read conflicting reports on its effectiveness, should I look at trad conti or vittoria mastik one? Any thoughts...

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by mrlobber

Go for Vittoria Mastik. I used Conti recently, and always wondered, what's wrong (why can't I property center the tub) until I realized that it simply is "too sticky" for doing a good relaxed gluing job. Back to Vittoria now.

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by nobrakes71

nice bike

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by plasticol

Great bike. I do agree about the fond, but other than that the bike looks fantastic. Love the white seat-post, I also put my vote in white seat and tape.
Regarding gluing the tubulars, a few friends and my self have been using Tufo gluing tape for the past 2 years with fantastic results. Way easier than glue.

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by kov79

White seat is on the way as is stem, bar and bar tape.

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by james1234

Absolutely beautiful, nothing else to say!

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by nobrakes71

awesome build

by Weenie

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by kgt

Amazing build. Respect!
Although an horizontal top tube frame would reach perfection IMO...

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