Focus Izalco - here to lose weight? (updated)

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by amnesia

Hi all,

My new Focus Izalco is ~7.3kg in current spec... I'd like to shave 0.5kg by replacing bits with 'off-the-shelf' parts that I can source in the UK (ie. no customer Berk saddle/post combos). Losing a kilo would be even better, but, I suspect, expensive and difficult.


Only restrictions are that I don't want to lose the UDi2, or the wheels. Everything else is fair game.

Current spec :

FOCUS Izalco Pro 2.0 frame and forks (54cm)
Ultegra Di2 shifters & mechs
Ultegra 12-25 cassette
Ultegra chain
Ultegra brakes & pads
FSA Energy BB30 crankset (34/50t) & FSA BB
Dura Ace C24 clinchers / Dura Ace skewers / Continental GP24 tyres (tires :wink: )
3T Ergonova Pro 420mm bars
Bike Ribbon Eleganza bar tape
3T ARX Pro 110mm stem
3T Dorico Pro 350/27.2mm post
Prologo Nago Evo TR 2.0 saddle
Speedplay Zero Stainless pedals
Cannondale Carbon Evo cage 20gr
Garmin Out Front Edge mount
Garmin Speed / Cadence sensor

Obvious candidates for big savings are : skewers / crankset / brakes

DA skewers (130g) ->> KCNC Z6 skewers (64g) or KCNC Ti (42g) = upto 88g saving

Ultegra brakeset (317g) ->> Planet-X CNC (205g) = 112g saving

FSA Energy Cranks & BB (737g + 57g) ->> ???? Rotor ? FSA SLK Light ?

Any thoughts / comments ?


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by Teletori

Handlebar & Seatpost. Those PRO versions are really heavy.

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by bikericer

Cranks would be huge! You could drop a little on the bar, stem, and post (most weight saved to least).

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by justanewbie

Yeah, change the cockpit, some 3T Team stuff is a good compromise, otherwise you could look at thompson parts which are fairly well priced.

If you've got a good amount of money, I believe that those frames are BB30? You could put a cannondale hollowgram (Another bike brand? No way! Yeah, I know) on. Stay away from SL-K cranks, they're not brilliant, and for that money you could be getting 'old' SRAM red cranks. But aesthetics wise, I don't like to mix shimano and SRAM. It's not 'kosher'

Also thanks to 11-speed picking up the market, you can get a well-priced DA cassette and chain to lighten things up a little more.

Finally, look at a nice carbon saddle. I couldn't believe how light the Antares with carbon braided rails is, feels like nothing when you pick it up, and I couldn't justify the price of the Antares 00, but of course, a saddle that fits is more important than weight. There's no point getting a ridiculously light saddle which you can only sit on for an hour.

Best of luck!

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by FIJIGabe

honestly, half a kilo is a good bit of weight to lose. i know you said you don't want to touch the wheels, but i think they're going to be a big limiting factor to your goal. also, losing weight there will be the biggest "bang for the buck" you are going to find. rotational weight will actually help you ride faster. I would look for a set of lightweight clinchers, because those DA wheels aren't exactly svelte.
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by 5 8 5

Are the GP24s folding? Folding are listed at 230ea but I've seen them reviewed at 250ea. If wire beaded then they are listed at 280ea. Continental GP4000s are about 205ea, Michelin Pro 4 200ea giving some big savings.

Also check your tubes. If they're close to 100g ea or above consider for example Michelin Ultra Lights at 74g or Continental Supersonics at 50g each.

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by Beancouter

.I would definitely go for Planet X brakes - great weight saving for money and work well for me. While you are on the Planet X site, throw some of their lightweight skewers in the basket - £18
and same weight as KCNC.

Other than that, could go for titanium spindles from ( - should save about 50g and relatively cheap (about £50).

In terms of the cockpit, the pro stem isn't that heavy (about 140g if I remember) so not much weight saving unless you go for something exotic like extralite. Bars will save a fair amount but if you stick with 3t would prob need to go LTD to see a decent reduction.

Other option is seatpost; I bought one of eBay from the US - cost about £100 weight about 115g (omni racer). Planning to buy a new post for my CX (6kcycles on eBay) - a bit cheaper.

For big savings, repeat above that cranks and wheels are the way to go.

Hope that helps

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by angrylegs

Mostly what other have said:

Ergonova Pro --> Ergonova Team = 130g
DA skewers --> Other skewers = ~75g
Ultegra brakeset --> Far and Near = 99g
DA clinchers --> Handbuilt = ~200g
FSA Energy crank and BB --> Rotor 3D+ cranks, rings, steel bolts, BB = ~120g
3t Doric Pro seatpost --> Other seatpost = ~120g
Standard cables --> Alligator iLinks = ~ 100g

Skewers, cables, brakes and post will get you almost there fairly cost effectively. Need to pick something else too though. Bars would do it, but you're likely to notice it a little more in the wheels (and your wheels aren't terribly heavy to begin with, but they can certainly be lighter).

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by craciunptr

slam that stem! :twisted: also cheap china parts there is a uno lightweight stem for 20 quid I use and is 94 grams. also 30 grams allen key sskewers for 20. ebay is your ww friend

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by amnesia

LOL - stem has been slammed (almost) since I took the picture.

Thanks for some extra ideas chaps.

Tyres are folding, although I have been eyeing up some Veloflex clincher tyres, so might give those a go and save ~50g per tyre.
I am not going to change the wheels at the moment... they're only 1395g and climb like mountain goats.

I will order the Planet X brakes today... funky red FTW.

Will probably buy another Specialized Romin Evo Pro saddle... I had one on my Tarmac and it was light and comfortable. That will force me to change the seatpost anyway as the 3T isn't compatible with carbon rails AFAIK.


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by damitamit

Seatpost: On-One are selling Crank Bros Colbalt 11's cheap at the mo. I got one and its 175g uncut in 31.6mm guise.

Stem: Kalloy Uno off ebay from Taiwan. Got one last week for 15 quid, weighs 98g in 90mm.

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by amnesia

damitamit wrote:Seatpost: On-One are selling Crank Bros Colbalt 11's cheap at the mo. I got one and its 175g uncut in 31.6mm guise.

Good call - cheers :thumbup:

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by SDP

yes but needs setback by look of position

if you like GP24s get attack & force ..100gm saved on pair..use with supersonics ..

the GP24mm are a great training tyre & ride real nice ..

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by markspend01

Hey Guys my name is Mark.Well i think that the best place for losing the weight is fitness center and also if you have the bicycle then you can also lose your maximum weight but taking great care.Thanks!!

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by cyclistcong

Mark, I'm not sure if you are trolling or being serious. If by any chance you happen to be serious, then I think you might be in the wrong forum.

But it did crack me up a little. so :wink: :D :) :beerchug:

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