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by shoopdawoop

Just picked up my first real mountain bike. Its a Ritchey steel 650b mountain bike with a White Brothers fork, SRAM components, and Ritchey stem, bar and post. So far so good, did a quick 8 mile trail ride this morning and it seems good. Tell me what you think.

Will try and get it weighed up tomorrow :thumbup:

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by vfb

Awesome steel is real! :-)
I ride for fun

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by kgt

A classic. One my favorite modern hardtails.
Tell us how does it ride.

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My KHS Montana Team is made of Ritchey Logic tubing -----nice light stuff

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by CBJ

Whats with the forward tilt of the handlebar?

Bike looks amazing maybe except for all the big stickers on the rims but more importantly how does it ride.

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by thatdkid

This is a great build! How is the White Brothers fork working?

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by shoopdawoop

Thanks for the comments guys! As I said this is my first real mountain bike and Im also preparing for road and TT nats, so I've agonizingly been unable to really go shred this thing. I tested the white brothers fork against a fox, a magura, and the rigid ritchey fork before I ordered anything as my bike shop owner and his wife both have the same frame. It felt the best to me, really good feel and great function and adjustability in the lockout, floats right over most everything. Cant wait till I really get to ride it in late july when I get back from France and I'll make sure to write up a proper ride report! For now though I'll just say its the most fun bike I've been on in awhile, really easy going and the handling is super tight.

Also CBJ I think I'm going to de-sticker the wheels, think it will de-clutter the look really well.

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by wpccrunner

Going on 1.5 years how is your opinion of the Ritchey frame? I am finally relocating to an area worthy of owning a mountain bike and looking at this frame.

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by shoopdawoop

Really great bike in my opinion! The thing is indestructible; been in some gnarly crashes and had it go careening off into the woods and it's still working great. Well balanced and good for learning to ride with proper technique.

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