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by Poulidor

Last time I competed was on a Legnano bicycle, just after Campagnolo launched the first aluminum chainset. Now my favorite bicycle is a Moots 6/4. That said, my preference now is for a LIGHT frame with a relaxed geometry, preferably Ti. I hope I'm not a cockroach at a chicken dance in this board. In any case, thank you for having me here. I promise to keep a low profile. :o

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by scamper996

Hi welcome, do u still have the legnano

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by Juanmoretime

Welcome to weight weenies! :welcome:

Where do you live? It's easier to make recommendations. Also what is the budget? My Lynskey R320 is 5.76 kg.

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by HammerTime2

What year did Campagnolo launch the first aluminum chainset (or crank. as we Yanks would say)?

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by Poulidor

First, please note that when I registered, the darn auto-correct provided me with the name Jacqueline. Not that I'm in any way biased but I'm a male-type specimen of the species. For whatever that's worth.

That cleared, thank you for the kind and generous welcome.

And, no. I no longer own that lovely Legnano. I went to live away for some time, gave it to an old cycling friend who died and I lost track of his family. I might be mistaken, but I remember buying what I think was the first aluminum Record crank-set in the mid-sixties, maybe 1964.

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