Old and new Wilier Zero7 : 4,96kg + 4,86 kg now finished

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by supermidget

Beautiful build! I have to agree it looks better with shallower wheels!

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by Martin1977

Thankx for comments.
After about 2 weeks on new bike, I can say that I'm really happy with performance of all used components.
The only upgrade I'm thinking about is new set of low profile wheels. So I want to ride current wheels and decide, if wheels are stiff and reliable enough to try AX 24mm rims, or choose stiffer but heavier LW Gipfelsturm. But this will definitely not happen sooner, than in about a year, so there is plenty of time to test these wheels :-)

everything else is perfect.

So I would like to thank to Jure Berk for creating such a nice combos for me, Zdenek Cermak from ZComponents for creating many nice custom parts for me, Stephen at FibreLyte for making nice chainrings and backplate for RD for me, to Sarge at Carbon Freaks for getting me some parts and finaly to Schmolke and Wilier companies and their local dealers for getting me new components for great prices after my first Zero7 was destroyed.

So now I have my new drambike and I hope it will last much longer than first one :-)


by Weenie

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by BlackMadone

Wow, this build is incredible! I prefer the Zipp 808 on it as they make it looks like its going 40 mph standing still. Have you made any changes since your last update?
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by bencolem

Totes amaze balls, I'm in awe! I'd get a permanent black marker and just black out the inside of the tubs on the shallow wheel set though. Stella build though, I'd love to try it on a long climb, would be amazing!

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by Ozrider

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by sub7kg

is there clearcoat on the shifters, or have you just sanded them? also is that saddle comfortable? no padding and no tilt adjustment

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by JasonL

WOW, just WOW

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by Martin1977

I didn't check my thread for some time now, but I can see, that there is question about the clearcoat.
YES, I clearcoated shifters (and all other components) after sanding them. Just sanding components does not look that nice in my oponion. Even when I used 2000 and higher grit sandpaper, there is still small scratches in sanding direction visible. So I used some synthetic matt clearcoat from local paint shop.

Saddle comfort is great. In my experiences, saddle shape is much more important than padding. I really like this saddle and also Selle Italia CX Zero on my other bike. My usual training is 80 - 100 kilometers. Maybe if You ride longer distances, it could be different. But for me, carbon saddle without padding works great. But also good quality shorts with good insert is important when using this kind of saddle. When I bought my first carbon saddle, I realized that it can be really uncomfortable when wearing old cheap bibs and on the other hand it can be really comfortable with more expensive bibs with good insert.

And overall, I'm really happy with my new Zero7. I spent much more time in gym than on bike last year and these days, so I've put on some weight. The bike is light, but stiff enough to handle my current 100 kg. I really enjoy riding it. This is my dreambike !!! I don't know of any upgrade I could do, to make this bike better !!!

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by Doyler

The bike is perfect. I love it.

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by jz4nyc


Just happened across this thread. That's some amazing detail.

Thanks for the tip on using 2k grit and matte clearcoat. I was doing a search for sanding carbon and your thread popped up.

Again, gorgeous build and attention to detail. :beerchug:

Martin1977 wrote:I finaly finished my new bike, so here is the final build list with weights:


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