Old and new Wilier Zero7 : 4,96kg + 4,86 kg now finished

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by Martin1977

So my new bike is nearly finished. Last thing I would like to change in folowing weeks is that heavy original Zero7 seatpost clamp. It is just 10mm high so standard clamps from Tune, MCFK, Smud or others can not be used. Custom clamp needs to be made :-)

So here is the important part and what everybody is interested in. Build list followed by pictures:

Frame: Wilier Zero7 L – 796g (782g in Wilier certificate, which seems to be weight without removable RD hanger)
Fork: Wilier Zero7 – 333g (356g uncut)
Head Set: Ritchey WCS – 76g
Seatpost and saddle: Schmolke tube, Jure Berk saddle – 108g
Stem: Tune – cca 110g
Bars: Schmolke TLO 42cm c-c – 155g
Crank: THM Clavicula, chainrings Fibre-lyte, screws Carbon-Ti, THM BB – 496g
Brakes: AX Lightness Orion, Corima pads, custom carbon Powercordz clamps – 120g (with Swiss Stop pads scale showed 140g, so 120g with Corima pads it is just guess)
Shifters: Campagnolo Super Record: 322g (metal bar clamps replaced with custom carbon ones)
RD: Campagnolo Super Record: 157g
FD: Campagnolo Super Record: 72g
Cassete: Campagnolo Super Record 11-23 with lockring: 175g
Chain: Campagnolo Record: cca 240g
Powercordz - cca 12g
Cables: Aligator I-link – cca 80g
Rims: Archteks – 268g+269g
Spokes: Sapim Superspoke: cca 210g
Hubs: Tune mig45 and mag170 – cca 45g + 180g
Wheels in total – 995g
Tubulars: Vittoria Crono Evo 320 TPI: 2x 190g
Pedals: LOOK KEO Blade Ti – 186g
Glue: Vittoria – cca 25g
Tape: Lizardskin 2.5 - cca 50g
Cages: Tune Uni + Schmolke carbon screws: cca 30g

Weight without computer: 4,96 kg.

I'm really happy with this setup and final weight. All of the components have minimal rider weight limit higher than 100kg, because I'm 90kg and quite powerfull rider :-)
And all of theese components can handle my weight without any problems. I've only thrown away SeqLite aluminium cassette and Extralite stem. Theese were too soft and I was not happy with petformance.

And here are some pictures:

Archteks rims:


AX brakes:

Clavicula crank with FibreLyte chainrings:

Sub 2g 10mm spacer:

Top cap:

Shifter clamps:

Super Record shifters with carbon clamps:

Front hub:

Zero7 Large frame:

Few frame details:





Complete bike with ZIPP 808:

Jure berk and Stefan Schmolke combo:


Complete bike with ZIPP 808 outdoors:

Rear part of bike:


Handlebar and stem:


Complete bike with low profile wheels:

AX brakes on bike:



RD detail:


Powercordz clamps detail:



Yes, it is Zero7:

Headtube with cables:

Front wheel:

And finaly complete bike at WW configuration:
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by amnesia

Beautiful !

by Weenie

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by chazmtb

Holy sweetness.

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by crimsonbadger

Extraordinary. However, in my humble opinion, the Zipp decals need to go. How's the braking with the Archtek rims?

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by prendrefeu

Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by Monkeyboy3333

now you have my attention

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by Geoff

Ok, that's nice.

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by shinobiph

Whats the weight with the zipp wheels?

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by Kayrehn

Can possible get it down to 4.9kg flat with a change to a recon cassette - with the fiberlyte rings I don't think you'll pushing the gears hard enough to break teeth on it anyway.

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by Martin1977

Thanks for comments to all.

Braking with Archteks rims is ok. I've never had any problems on dry roads and I do not ride my bike when it is raining. I rather go to gym to work out when it is raining :-) But performance in wet conditions is definitely not good with AX brakes and carbon rims.

4,96kg is weight with low Archteks wheels, with ZIPPs, it is something like 5,5 kg. But I did not weight it with ZIPPs.

I've tried SeqLite Alu cassette, but I was not happy with performance. Cassette was not durable and shifting was poor. There was noticable wear to the cassette after just something like 200km. So I've thrown it away and I use regular Campagnolo cassette sice than. So I'm thinking about full titanium cassette instead of aluminium one.
But performance of FibreLite rings on the other hand is great. I ride it quite hard and I can confirm that even with my 90kg, the durability is at least 10 000km and shifting is great. Not a single chain drop until now. I will definitely buy new set in folowing weeks, because these have nearly 10 000 km.

And I would like to thank to Zdenek Cermak and Z-Components for great work and great quality of several custom parts that he made for me.
I would also like to thank to Jure Berk and Stefan Schmolke for that great seatpost and saddle combo.

I could make several small changes to make bike even lighter, but all of these components are tested by my 90 kg and all of them are durable and perform well.

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by mdeth1313

Did you include the pedals for the total weight? I didn't see them your build list?
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by Martin1977

Yes, pedals are included. They are Keo Blade Carbon Ti.

This is what LBS scale showed, when my bike was completely built. The only thing I changed for everyday training was rear tire. I changed rear tire to Vittoria Corsa CX. Front is still Vittoria Crono Evo. I plan to switch rear tire to Vittoria Crono Evo just for uphil TT.

I also did not include expander in build list. It is Tune Gum Gum. I do not know weight, but it is included in final weight, because as I mentioned, bike went on scale completely bulit up and ready to go. With two bottle cages, but without computer. Stem spacer is custom from Z-Components and should be sub 2g. Also not included in build list, but included in final weight.

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by kac

That's the nicest Willier I've seen! I am particularly taken with the paint scheme and the choice of components. From a purely aesthetic perspective, the low-profile wheels are nicer; the graphics are otherwise just overwhelming. I hope it rides as nicely as it presents itself!


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by Dennis

Great bike. I love it. The only doubt I have about a part is the Schmolke seattube. I broke one and never received a warranty one. Stefan told me that he didn't know why the post was broken but because they had calculated al forces on the post it had to be my fault.
Then I requested all the hardware from the post back so I could use it on a other post but never received anything despite some mails. That was a expensive lesson!
I realy hope you have more luck!
Anyway enjoy the great bike!

by Weenie

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