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by hzucker

I currently have a 2011CAAD10 5 with all stock parts except the wheels and saddle. I put a ton of miles on it every year, and have about 8,000 miles on it total. The question is, should I upgrade the components to DA9000/ SRAM RED22 this fall, or save the money and in a year or so get a whole new bike with those components on it.

If i wait and get a new bike, I will wait till the next iteration of the Venge comes out, its about that time they come out with a new Venge b/c of the windtunnel and their product lifecycle. Or any of the next generation aero road bikes.


Buy new components for this frame or wait and buy whole new bike?


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by rijndael

What's the motivation for the upgrade? Is something not to your liking, or do you want to try something new?

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by btompkins0112

Upgrade, the Venge is ugly.

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by prendrefeu

Upgrade, and also ride up grades.
Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by kgt


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by Krull

btompkins0112 wrote:Upgrade, the Venge is ugly.

sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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