Ritchey Road Logic (Build Complete - Updated Pics Page 4)

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by deanh

One word. Incredible

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by bontyboy

Nothing wrong with durable components that can be changed later on when money allows.

This build is absolutely stunning!
Ride on!!!

by Weenie

Mike V
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by Mike V

Scroll down.


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by FIJIGabe

gorgrous bike!
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by Dallez

First of all thanks for all the compliments weenies.

mpower wrote:Although nothing wrong, it just feels weird with a mixture of different parts from different manufacturers and models. Red, Force, Rival, DA, Ultegra, 105, etc.....

I understand. I will say I think I spent money in the right places and saved money in the right places after doing some research but I can definitely understand the comment. Overtime I hope to upgrade the RD to Force or Red and maybe spring for a DA or Red cassettes/chains.

Mike V wrote:Scroll down.


Thanks for the tip. Is that your blog?

Mike V
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by Mike V

It is just I look at from time to time. I saw your bike there.

I really like the way your bike is set up.

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by jmilliron

Fantastic build. Classy.

Don't worry about brands, marketing and shit. Everything looks great together.
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by andyg

Anyone have stack and reach measurements for this frame?

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by Bregnhoj

It really looks amazing. Great bike!
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by btompkins0112

I just saw this (again) and would like to restate my love of this build. Really fantastic looking!!

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by Monkeyboy3333

I am with BT here, second look is even better than the first - I want one.....

giro di lento
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by giro di lento

Fantastic looking bike and great pics :-) Makes me want deep sections on my Stoemper Taylör

Have really enjoyed this thread!

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

Bike looks really cool - great grey color :-P

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by aftereffector

Before opening this thread, I didn't even know that Ritchey made frames. D'oh.

And, I have to say that your frame is one of the best road bikes I've ever seen. I think my love affair with carbon, torrid that it was, is over.

by Weenie

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by RichTheRoadie

You didn't know Ritchey made frames??!! Tom Ritchey has been making frames for 40yrs now - LOOOOOOONG before they made components!

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