Ritchey Road Logic (Build Complete - Updated Pics Page 4)

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by SWijland

Amazing frame and the color makes it look even better!

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by bontyboy

This looks absolutely stunning!
Will watch with great interest 8)

by Weenie

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by Dallez

Quick update...initially it took a little while for the painter to find the right match. Ritchey was very cooperative and gave me the paint codes they use, but the Taiwanese codes didn't translate to US codes, so they had to try to match it. Also I had him make some custom decals echoing the panel stripes. There will be one stripe decal on the seatpost about 2" above the seatpost collar separating the bare carbon of the post and the paint. Likewise, there will be a stripe decal running the length of the stem on the top. The stripe decals are thin lines of white, blue, white, red, white.

They called last night to verify the decal orientation before applying the clear. After the clearcoat cures, sometime next week I will bring all my components over and get her built up. Can't wait. I mounted my Michelin Pro 4 tires to the Assaults mid week and they were much easier to put on than the Conti Grand Prixs onto my old Cosmic Carbones.

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by Dallez

Teaser pics.

Built up last night at the painter's shop who painted the stem and seatpost. Color match turned out great. I know I know...big chainring, and the chain needs to be shortened 2 or 3 links. Forgive me as the pic was taken near 3 in the morning. Full photos/ride report coming soon.


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by Monkeyboy3333

no sepia dude! real colour please....looks tasty

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by Auk

This is one of those builds that -should- remind us that there really are not many reason to want for a bike more than this. Looks great, will ride great, and will perform great.

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by kgt


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by xjbaylor

Fantastic build, I cannot wait to see more pics. Hopefully I will see it on the road around here, though I tend to ride up North of the metroplex.

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by paradawt

Just perfect :D Heheheh!
Cannondale Supersix '10

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by thatdkid

You can never go wrong with Ritchey.... The 650b hardtail is a great new frame.

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Very nice
Maybe some tires with tan sidewalls

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by deanh

I can safely say that I'm in love. Perfection on wheels right there.

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by Dallez

Here she is. Unfortunately, at the end of this shoot, the bike fell over and scratched my new seatpost decal and took some paint off the DS chainstay. It was a bit painful but hopefully it's the first of many scars as that will mean I will have ridden it a long time.

I haven't officially weighed her yet built up but it should be 18lbs on the button with cages.

All pics taken at the Winspear Opera House by Norman Foster in downtown Dallas.








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by fa63

That looks really nice, well done :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by mpower

Although nothing wrong, it just feels weird with a mixture of different parts from different manufacturers and models. Red, Force, Rival, DA, Ultegra, 105, etc.....

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