2013 SuperSix Evo DI2 build

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by prendrefeu

Light as possible is an excellent goal to have. I look forward to your build nearing completion!
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by DaleRider

Bike is done. Here are a few teaser (low light, iphone) shots for now. I do have to say that while the SiSl2 Crank is light, it's a PITA to install.



The Tune cages tip the scales at a whopping 14g each.


by Weenie

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by dookie45

DaleRider wrote:I'm just waiting on a few small parts and I'll resume the build. The shop lost the front gromett for the rear brake line so I ha to order one up, and I also had to order the proper Shimano DI2 grommets as well.

I'm also missing my grommets, but both front and rear. Did you find them online? My LBS has no clue ordering them. Nice progress!

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by dha

The part numbers for the grommets are;

55316-153943 for the 4x6mm round
55316-153944 for the 4x7x8mm oval

Not many places stock them but I found them on a few online stockists

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by DaleRider

@ dookie45 ~ the part number your looking for is KP193 Your shop should be able to order it or check with www.cannondaleexperts.com They may have it in stock.

Ride Report

I racked up 175 miles over the 3 day weekend on this bike. I can say that this is the smoothest frame I have ever ridden. It's not the fastest or lighest, but it just seems to do everything well. At one point during a 70 mile ride on Sunday, I had to wonder if there was even a bike under me at all. This thing really is that smooth.

The only flaw I can find is that this frame climbs better when seated, and I usually like to stand up for short steep hills. I did the same climb multiple time over the weekend and I noted that I was a few seconds faster up the same climb when doing it seated vs standing.

I need to get some proper pics and post them ASAP, but I really think that I'll be keeping this frame for some time.

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