Guerciotti Cartesio

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by pete2528ca

Here is my new training bike I am building up. Frame is about 1200gr.

I'm not looking for ultra lightweight, should come in around 17ish pounds with a mix of campagnolo components, deda cockpit and seat post and campagnolo wheels.


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by kgt

Nice choise!

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by weeshuggy

Nice, I'm a really big fan of Guerciotti's. Definitely some of the nicest bikes about IMO.

Just out of curiosity where did you manage to get it ? As the only place I can find that stocks them is planet x, and their stock is very limited and I'm reluctant to give them my business due to very poor customer services after last time I had to deal with them.....

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by alexarcilla" onclick=";return false;

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by Valbrona

'Raw Material Quality Testing' sounds, er, good.

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by bazmac

That will be a very nice "training bike", enjoy.

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by pete2528ca

I picked it up on eBay.

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