Stevens Ventoux Di2

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by tigradekat

Hi all,

Just wanted to share some pics of my Stevens Ventoux Di2. I just glued up some Corsa CS's on the 9000 C35's and took her for a spin. Coming form C50 clinchers, these wheels are much livelier and responsive. Weight is now down to 6.72kg, which is nice I suppose :-)




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by engi


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by LouisN


Really like the lines especially with 35 mm wheels, and the setapost completes it perfectly IMO.


Louis :)

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by AttacknowAttackoften

Yeah I love that seatpost.
I only train on days that end with "y".


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by tigradekat

Thanks for the nice words! Seatpost is nice indeed. Quite comfortable and light. Funny thing is, I was disapppointed with the front end comfort until I switched from the carbon Pro Vibe stem to the aluminum PLT stem. This really is one comfortable stem, and plenty stiff too. Weigt of the 130mm PLT is exacly the same as the 120mm Vibe when I switched over the ti stem bolts.

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by PinaRene

Verry verry beautiful bike , but those valve extenders.... I have the C35 also but with the 60mm extenders, must safe you about 1/2 kg ;)

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by Monkeyboy3333

great to see something different on WW, tell us more, how does it ride?

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by tigradekat

@ Rene: Haha, yeah, I'm surprised it took 4 posts for someone to complain about the valve extenders ;) Truth is, I have previously used the short ones you are using on your Scott (beautiful build by the way), but it's a hassle to inflate the tires with my pump which has a brass head without a clamping device; It relies on friction between the valve stem and the rubber seal ring inside the pump head to stay put under pressure. It barely seals the valve if I use the short one and keeps popping off. These longer extenders are hassle free, but I agree it looks kind of bad.

About the ride: Very powerful, with amazing bb and front end stiffness. Frame weight (size 58) is 981g, fork weighs 316g cut to size. The geometry makes for an agile bike: wheel base is short-ish: 995mm, with 73,5 degree angles. Effective top tube length is average for the size: 570mm. The 130mm stem makes the overall handling close to neutral.

The thin seat stays make for a very comfy rear end. I used to get numb hands with the all carbon cockpit, but since I changed stems the front end transformed into being quite comfortable as well. It truly is a very nice ride indeed.

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by Fuchspk

thats a nice looking bike :)
It looks kinda "normal" but with a little twist. Only thing i do not like are the crakns as the are looking a bit to "big" for this bike.

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by Adolescents


Nice Bike!
Can you tell me your Height and inseam?
Im also interested in this Bike but im in between 56 and 58 with a height of 182cm and 90cm inseam.


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by Krull


except the tan side wall, i would prefer black on this bike.
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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