Cervelo R5CA Custom Painted -- 5.17 kg (11.4 lbs)

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by audiophilitis

Purchased this frame from a fellow forum member late last year as a platform for a WW winter project. The frame was structurally intact but had surface/paint scratches from normal use. Toby Stanton of Hottubes did the paint job -- I requested that the frame be stripped to bare carbon in order to minimize weight gain, which was only 8 grams. The color is French Racing Blue or in Porsche lingo, Mexico Blue. Contemplated on the type of finish but Toby convinced me that matte was the way to go. Extremely pleased with Hottubes' quality of work and attention to detail. Also important to note is the fact that Hottubes is a Cervelo-authorized facility.

Also worked with Jure Berk on some custom lightweight pieces that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The matte 3K finish on the integrated bar/stem, saddle and seatpost match the THM components perfectly -- and the weight was unbelievable. If I were in EU, would have sent shifters, derailleurs and Garmin cages to Berk for a light sanding and matte clear spray -- but shipping from the US to Slovenia and back is rather uncertain.

Unfortunately, it's about 25 degrees here and the roads are salt-laden with patches of ice. Initial ride commentary will have to wait.

Parts List:
- 2011 Cervelo R5CA, 51 frame / THM fork
- 2015 Campy SR shifters, FD and RD
- THM Fibula brake calipers w LW pads
- THM Clavicula Classic cranks w/ B.O.R. chainrings
- Enduro Zero bearings (BBRight Direct Fit) w/ THM spacers
- Berk saddle
- Ax Lightness Europa seatpost refinished by Berk
- Ax Lightness stem and Schmolke TLO bar integrated by Berk
- Time Expresso 15 pedals
- Aican cable housings (Campy shifter cables, KCNC Ti brake cables)
- LW Milenstein wheels w/ Conti GP4000 tires (switch to Veloflex Carbons scheduled for spring)
- Tune U20 skewers

some photos...




Enduro Zero BB Bearings:

...appropriate filler was applied before pressing in the bearings

Enduro bearing press...

Alignment tool...

new hanger installed...

Fibulas w/ LW pads...

Clavicula with Praxis rings...later swapped for BOR rings

2015 SR shifters...



Chain Catcher...

Xpresso 15s...

BOR chainrings...

Bar tape and Tune U20 skewers from EU...Image

Some new tools acquired in the process...Image

Berk saddle...

Ax Lightness Europa seatpost refinished by Berk to match saddle (matte 3k)...Image

Schmolke Bar/ Ax stem...integrated by Berk

Had some ghost "Lightweight" logos made...Gen 4 "Lightweight" logos only come in white, unfortunately...

finished product...

Cervelo/Garmin bottle cage...ImageImageImage
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by Stolichnaya

I am no Cervelo brand fan, but that is just stunning.
5.17 kg!
Weight is phenominal, color, lines, bu bu bu build.
I am stuttering, so I will stop.

Where did you find those Garmin Arundels?

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by jbaillie

Great googily moogily. This is the most WW bike here.

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by burglarboycie

Wow!! Just wow!! I love Berk's work and it suits this bike well

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by FIJIGabe

Wow! This bike looks amazing.

To answer the bottle cage question, you can buy them directly from Slipstream, if they still have them in stock.
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by Krull

nice colour, and great weight!
one question: are the bb- bearings pressed directly into the frame, or are there, as with "press-fit"-systems, nylon- or plastic cups?
thanks, regards
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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by Dalzhel

great looking bike

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by zulu695

great looking bike and serious build and money involved! just WOW! :shock:

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by 7ducati

It's hard to type with all the drool in my keyboard. Very well done, love the color!
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by wojchiech

beautiful, and utilitarian too - the mechanical Campy group, alloy chainrings, LW wheels all suggest this bike is meant to be ridden. :beerchug:

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by KingNothing

absolutely insane build you got there. truly stunning. I really like the color

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by Frankie - B

awesome ride! next time please put the weight in metric as asked. Many Thanks
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by thegunner

holy hell, 11.4 pounds - that's most bikes without wheels :) cheers man

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by SLCBrandon

Just fantastic.

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by audiophilitis

Edited title accordingly -- thanks.

Frankie - B wrote:awesome ride! next time please put the weight in metric as asked. Many Thanks

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