Colnago C59 TSMR (completed build pg. 4)

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by paradawt

Hard job you done. You do very attention with the colors. Really nice.
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by manne

I love it!

by Weenie

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by poppiholla


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by coloclimber

Perfect. Nice build!
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by Wingnut

I like the bike a lot but not so keen on the ft derailleur cable...the way it kinks on the side of the hole in the chainstay bridge makes me cringe...

Well done though, a beautiful bike...
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by vinceflynow

I agree about the FD cable. The way it comes out of the BB cable guide does not exactly align. Perhaps if Colnago made the hole offset hole and a different alignment of the cable guide would help.

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by mellowJohnny

This may be a little off topic, but I was at a Ferrari rally today surrounded by a few million dollars worth of Italian supercars. I'd put this build against any one of those cars today - easily just as beautiful. Fabulous build!

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by ipdamages

Fantastic. Nothing more beautiful than a proper Colnago.

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by Zitter

fantastic build, would look even better with bora 35's maybe?

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by nobrakes71

love it ;-)

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by anaerobic

I have a question: Do the white deda stem and handlebar match colorwise to the white paint of the frame and this special headset?

BTW, what do you think of this headset system? Thanks for your comment.

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by vinceflynow

IMHO, the white Deda stem and glossy Deda Presa handlebar matches very well with the white of the frame. Especially the white of the headset. I think I have some pictures in this thread. But if you want some more pictures, let me know.

I have both the 2013 headset and 2012 headset. The 2013 headset looks better, but has a higher stack height, and less adjustability. You can't really put spacers on top of the 2013 headset. So you can't play around with spacers under and over the stem with the 2013 headset. I use a 10 mm spacer with the 2012 headset, and it raises to stem to the same height as a 2014 headset.


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by erwizy4p5

Love the bike really classy bora ultra would be so awesome

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by tvillumsen


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by BikeParkUT

On Feb. 26, 2014, vinceflynow posted info about using spacers on C59. I have a 2013 C59, 54S, and I am currently running one 10mm spacer beneath my stem, and one 10mm spacer above my stem. Please expand upon the info provided in that posting and explain why this may be a problem. This is my first ever posting on this website, so excuse any mistakes I may be making as a newcomer. Thanks.

by Weenie

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