Felt F1x Cross Bike 14.28 lbs

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by sedluk

I enjoy riding with friends when they head out into the rural areas and hit rustic scenery on gravel roads. What I was really after was something as close to a road bike with 32-34mm tires. The Felt has a little higher bottom bracket than a road bike so your center of gravity is a little higher. The frame is a size 50cm, it is a little bigger than my Cervelo 51cm road frame but I was able to make it work.

I decided on a THM BB30 bottom bracket and a THM crank, I like having the bearings spaced out wide instead of the normal BB30 placement inside the frame. I used an older set of SR11 that I had laying around, the latest would lower the weight a little. I usually use Powercordz, it would have been easy for the drive train but I stuck with steel on this bike.

Felt Fx1 50cm
Madfiber Tubular Wheels
Vittoria XN 32mm tires
Ax Lightness Stem 90mm
Ax Lightness L1 seatpost
Ax Lightness Ax4100 42cm handlebar
2009 SR11 levers & drivetrain 12-29
Antares 00 saddle
TRP CX8.4 brakes
Ward Spindles with X2 kit
THM Crank with Praxis 50/34
Arundel Mandible cages


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by jdp211

Thats pretty impressive. Any plans to race cross on it?

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by Epic-o

Sedluk, you've got the best bike collection of WW by far

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by LouisN


Louis :)

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by tonytourist

Post all of your rides together, that would be awesome! 8)

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by superb

Is it possible to post more pictures of bike?


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by astranoc

This is impressive. How do those wheels feel with such a wide tire?

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by sedluk

The Madfiber wheels are interesting. They are light and aero and less expensive than many similar wheels. I am not sure if it the finish, but they don’t look super durable. If you press on the sides they have some give. But I ride them hard and they keep rolling. They sound a little hollow, not as bad as a Zipp, but not solid like a Lightweight. I have tried to find bad things to say about them and have a hard time coming up with anything. I find that the hubs have a little play, but the wheels themselves don’t flex much. Even with a little play in the hub the wheels do not touch the brake pads.

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by helios

What lens was used for that shot?

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by prendrefeu

... and what do you do for a living? :shock:

There's also that nice little RCa coming your way. :D
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by sedluk

Canon 1D X with the 400mm 2.8 IS II lens, I use that lens for the soft out of focus background.

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by SteveFromNY

sedluk, I really think we need to see a pic of your entire stable!

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by Maximilian

How did you get it to stay upright?

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by loudtiger

Amazing... Sweet camera + lens combo too!

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by hungryalex

Did you race this bike at Amish County Roubaix or am I seeing things?? I think i may have also passed you on your Cervelo out by Hoover Dam last week. Also... I may just be crazy.
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