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by MBilton1981

How's it going guys/girls ? New here but getting a Lynskey Sportive put together by a mate. I'm not really a weight weenie as it goes but just want it to look and ride good. Somehow I stumbled across a nice black carbon fork for sale on this site only this morning. It was 150 euro they wanted, and had a rake of 44cm ? I think it was posted on Jan 09th and the brand was something like Argon ? But maybe not Argon ? Now apparently I can't see the for sale stuff as I'm new so I don't know how I found that post in the first place :( Can anyone help ? Oh and btw ? Would it make that much difference for example if I put a fork with a 44 rake on my frame rather than say the 45 rake lynskey use on the sportives ? Thanks , Mike

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by michel2

in theory the smaller the rake the more agile ur bike will be, or it should steer quicker, more nervous perhaps, the more rake the more straight line stability you will get. but it might be very well possible that you won't notice 1 mm difference.

anyway linskey is an execelent choice, welcome to the dark side !

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by Juanmoretime

Welcome to the forum!

The for sale forum will be on your desktop after you have 30 posts and have been on the site a minimum of 30 days.

The above is the correct on the rake difference question. Probably would really not notice a millimeter.

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