Happy Birthday to me! Colnago Master.

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by solarider

I turned 40 yesterday. As a reward for ‘getting halfway’, I decided to treat myself to a classic frame. A real ‘keeper’. After 8 months of waiting, it actually arrived on my Birthday. Perfect timing. Thanks to Mike at Maestro

A very gloomy day here in sunny Surrey, and the photos don’t do the paintwork justice. It is really bright, zingy and a work of art. Most Colnago’s I have seen have a dodgy bit of masking or overspray somewhere on them, but not this one. My bikes tend to be on the monochrome side, but this one is wild!

I lusted after a Colnago Master (Olympic back then) when I first started riding on the road seriously, but by the time I could afford one times had changed and plastic and aluminium were all the rage. What goes around comes around though, and with age and maturity, I can now appreciate the finer things in life rather than the latest things in life. This will be an unashamedly ‘Sunny Days and Sundays’ bike. As if Ernesto Colnago knew that I was turning 40, he kindly produced the 30th anniversary model in my favourite ever colour scheme, AD10. The ride is sublime. Dare I say it, much nicer than my Pegoretti’s. Not sure of the weight, but it is surprisingly light for a large steel frame, and rides light thanks to the wheels.

Arguably it should be kitted out with some NOS Shimano 8 or 9 speed Dura Ace (Mapei-stylee), but I have ridden Campagnolo for too long to change. So, I have gone for a mix of modern NOS Record and Super Record components. I wanted polished silver components with white decals. I happen to think that the 2011 vintage Campagnolo looks much nicer than the current crop of black/red components, and there really isn’t much difference in the performance. I have Super Record EPS on the Moots, and from a purely aesthetic perspective, it just wouldn’t suit this frame. All 11 speed, apart from the brakes, which are the pre-skeleton variety (and much prettier IMHO).

Maybe the Zipp bars are wrong but I use these on all of my bikes in either carbon or aluminium, and I just love the shape.

Frame - Colnago Master 30th AD10 (59cm)
Fork - Colnago Prescia
Aheadset - Chris King Sotto Voce Aheadset
Chainset – NOS Campagnolo Super Record 2011 (175mm 53/39)
Pedals - Look Keo Carbon Titanium
Front Deraileur – NOS 11 speed Campagnolo Record 2011
Rear Deraileur – NOS 11 speed Campagnolo Record 2011
Shifters – NOS 11 speed Campagnolo Record 2011
Brakes – NOS Campagnolo Record 2006
Chain – 11 speed Campagnolo Record
Cassette – 11 speed Campagnolo Record 12/25
Wheels - Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra 2 (but with NOS 2006 Record skewers)
Tyres - Continental Competition
Stem - Deda Zero (130mm)
Bars - Zipp SL Alloy Traditional Bend
Seatpost - Deda Super Zero
Saddle - Fizik Arione
Handlebar Tape - Colnago Cork

So, just to pre-empt the usual comments:

Yes, I know the grass needs a cut. Yes, I know there a lot of spacers, but I ride with quite a high front end, and at least 1, if not 2 will be removed once I have dialled the position. Yes, the gunmetal stem looks wrong, and a black version has been ordered. Yes, I know a pair of Veloflex would be better, but I happen to like Conti Comps. No, it is not for sale, and nor will it be for a very, very long time!













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by kgt

It is a classic. Congrats. :thumbup:

I don't like the greyish stem that much. I would remove the columbus sticker of the fork, replace the bars with Deda as well and the tubulars with something nicer maybe.

by Weenie

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by Rippin

Nice Master. What's your braking performance impressions of the Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra 2 wheels?
(*)/ (*)

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by sluggo

That frame is just beautiful!! Superb birthday present!

I have to agree about the grey stem though, if it were me i would put a black Deda Zero in there with some Deda bars. The Arione isn't perhaps the prettiest saddle but you gotta perch on what's comfortable.

Congrats and enjoy every minute!

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giant man
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by giant man

best colour of the anniversary models imo, very lovely ..

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by majklnajt

Wow, very nice!!! :thumbup:

In my opinion, it would look much better with a less bulky stem, polished cockpit and seatpost.
I`ve never been a fan of Arione sadlle, but I understand its a matter of comfort. The bars also.

I also wonder how it would look with white bartape/sadlle and tan sidewall tubs ;)

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by BxEddie

Verry nice, congrats. :thumbup:

I like the "sotto voce" Headset.

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by sawyer

Happy birthday solarider ... a very nice project there, and a worthy present to yourself I would say.

You've pre-empted most of the heckles, though I'd still like black bar tape to match the saddle pls. Actually a black Concor would look great on this.

Agree with you re 2011 SR. I have a chainset of that vintage myself.

Hyperons look awesome on this build. There is no classier wheelset.
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by bencolem

What does it weigh?

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by canbakay

Happy birthday Andrew!

Very noice, I'm set of a steel for next build and this is something special.

Try n weigh it please :D

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by Juanmoretime

Happy Birthday young man. A very appropriate birthday present. Very lust worthy. Enjoy it.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

1. Happy birthday.
2. Beautiful.
3. Weight as built?
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by oldmuthariley

Here's a couple of Master Olympics i had...




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by CaptainP

What's that black stem?

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by ianeverton

Very very nice !!! :P

by Weenie

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