Black or gold????

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by Scal

!black!, you will never get rid of it instead of any other color

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by helios

I vote black.
And non-glossy bar tape :)

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by Maximilian

I say blue as well. It's not quite as "in your face", more understated but still adds some colour.

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by paradawt

Black in my opinion :D

Is getting better this bike.
Cannondale Supersix '10

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by NWSAlpine

I am sticking to my suggestion of the limited Purple.

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by Quinn039

Heck man, there is no question about doing the purple if you can get it. If i could get purple for my damocles... done. Ill make it match. :P But getting it is the problem...

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by michel2

Black is boring !

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by kaaos

I like Black version better because focal point is on frame, not on hubs.

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by Reamens

Black in Black

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by Galatzo

Black is safe but a bit zzzzzzz on this.

Don't normally like red but looks sweet here and doesn't need any additional bolts or clamps to balance things out, it just adds to the bike really well.
Remember less is more (most of the time !).

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