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by Ozrider

Paint looks fantastic.

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by deltree

Nutellaurent wrote:did you do the orange on the brake levers yourself? it's a nice detail

Don't forget the saddle and RD too! Looks even more awesome now.

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by Monkeyboy3333

looks great Thrillho, how do you like the Record brakes? I really fancy some or SR to upgrade some centaur ones I have currently.

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by periodcorrect

Hey wondering what your measurement from bottom bracket to saddle height is on this? Also what is your stem length? Thanks

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by kac

I just visited the Vanilla workshop in Portland yesterday afternoon. I had a very gracious reception and a tour (met the dog, too!). They are a class act, 100%. But...all I was able to get was a t-shirt (but it was the newest design!).

Congratulations on a great bike!


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by syncmaster

Man, they are making some of the most beautiful bikes in the world right now. Would love to ride one some day. They announced that they were hiring a shop assistant recently. I seriously considered quitting my job and relocating....

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