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by Fuchspk

Great Frames you have there :thumbup:

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by veloman

Thnaks Simon. Now I'm tortured with envy of your "garage"

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by stuartrc

Wow - that storck is just gorgeous. Up there with NOS colnago olympic decor frames for being unridably lovely.

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by tigoose

Wow the STORK is amazing. Forget Athena i'd go sr even if you need to buy 1 peice of it at a time.

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by hubert222

The Stock looks very nice!!
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Very, very impressive. I am excited about all three builds in different ways. Looking forward to seeing more pictures in this thread.
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by coppercook62

cant wait to see them built up

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by bikeman71

Simon, they all look incredible, but I must admit, the Rue looks absolutely stunning....but I may be a bit biased. Beautiful collection!

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by konky

I can't wait to see what you end up doing with that Storck. That frame is a lot of fun and absolutely beautiful. Very special indeed.

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by Stefano

That Stork is awesome!!! If I had that I'm not even sure if I'd feel right riding something that pretty... You are a lucky man :)

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