2013 TIME ZXRS...12.5lb French Beauty!

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by LaDolceVita

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a long time coming and the more I show the bike the more this site gets brought up :twisted:

New outside rep for Ciamillo, Corima, SIDI, TIME and just moved out to Colorado. Wanted to say hello and try and help out wherever possible as this is a very busy site.

Now to the important stuff, the bike!
CORIMA VIVA “S” Tubular W/ Veloflex Extreme
SRAM Red for shifting
CANNONDALE SISL cranks ….. Yes CIAMILLO Gravitas cranks to come
Rotor S3x on Ritchey SuperLogic II bar
TIME Xpresso 12 pedals
Yoko Reaction cables and housing
Lizard Skin DSP 1.8
NoName Full Carbon saddle
Halo Skewers

My baby weighs in at 12lb8oz. I should have my Aero + MCC wheels back soon, will post update pictures once wheels and cranks are on.

Enjoy!! :beerchug:

sidiamerica.com, time-sport.com, corima.com, lemondrevolution.com, frmbikeusa.com, lezyne.com, pissei.com, mynchoice.com, saliceocchiali.it, esoles.com

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by dereksmalls

Loving the red accents, but cut the extra steerer.

by Weenie

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by Buffalo

Pretty sweet man

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by crispy

Very nice. I do like the time frames a lot. And this works well with the red....love the corima wheels.

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by PSM

Very nice and unique build.

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by cerro

Lovely, Time and Corimawheels is always a win :) Should get a bigger closer sidshot ;)
/jonas l
http://cerrol.wordpress.com (my cyclingblog)

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by paradawt

Very nice. Love it!

What do you think about Yoko Reaction cables? I don't know him.

Cannondale Supersix '10

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by Wingnut

Very nice, looks great!

How are you finding the Xpresso pedals...?
"It's not the destination...it's the ride!"

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by sugarkane

If it had SR and nicer cables it would be amazing!!
Given it doesn't it's a very fine machine and a great weight for a time!

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by audiophilitis

Impressive weight for a Time!

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by ronderman

Love, love, love me some Time. A frame that just doesn't get the praise it should.

Sweet ride. Enjoy.

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by LouisN

:beerchug: very nice !!!

Louis :)

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by veloman

To me that is bicycle magic. Lots of different and unique parts that work together as a whole.

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by LaDolceVita

Thank you all for the kind words! Yes, she is sexy!!! And yes she is fast!!!

Corima wheels are very special not only in ride quality but just gorgeous to look at. Corima is very distinctive brand and true testament to form and function. Everyone that has ridden a set is amazed at how well they handle in all conditions, remain stiff under load, and yet still manage to provide a smooth ride.

Still trying to work with the fit and see what works best. It is currently cut to fit my TIME stem. I am coming off a bike with a 2 cm lower HT. Thus far in its current state, this feels very comfortable and my speed has not suffered. Still debating if going to negative rise stem would be an option. The Rotor stem just has a very low ST clamp.

Yokozuna cables are sweet. Yes i know this is weight weenies but they work extremely well and the brake housing is by far the best on the market. It is a true compression-less housing, very nice and super durable. I have Nokon cable and housing, in black and red, just didn't know if that was going to be too much.

No weight on the frame, will have to report back when replacing cable/housing and crank.

New TIME Xpresso’s are money!!! They are so much nicer and lighter than the Iclic. Coming off Speedplay, I was very surprised to have had to lower my saddle a bit. This is coming off SIDI Wire SP/Speedplay Zero Ti to SIDI Wire Vent/TIME Xpresso 12. Not to mention that the shoe/pedal combo is much lighter. No accidental engagement issues, much bigger platform, and by far the easiest pedal to get into. I will say that at the beginning since the pedals are new, new bearings, they don’t counter weight as they do once some miles are put in. So a few times I had to look down to make sure I was on the pedal, but now it’s like anything else, your foot just finds it. Not a big issue, but when you have been riding forever it feels strange to have to look down like you did many moons ago.

I will be sure to do a review on each of the items, to get a more detailed review and to answer any questions one might have.
sidiamerica.com, time-sport.com, corima.com, lemondrevolution.com, frmbikeusa.com, lezyne.com, pissei.com, mynchoice.com, saliceocchiali.it, esoles.com

by Weenie

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