2013 Tarmac SL4, Dura Ace 9000, CLX60

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by boots2000

I don't often comment, but that is one fine looking bike!

by Weenie

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by jz4nyc

all business, looks fast. have fun!

did you strip other decals/logos off, or did it come that way?

really, really nice clean build sir.

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by coppercook62


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by RoadManiac

:shock: awesome bike... :thumbup:
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by Muahdib

Great bike! :beerchug:

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by ichobi

DA crank and black build look great together. No non sense build for sure.

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by oreoboreo

I hope it preforms as good as it looks. One of the best looking Specialized rides out there
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by mann2

i love it! cheers!

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by luckypuncheur

That simply looks the business!
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by dodge

Nice build..well done

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by speks22


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by Bianchi10

Wow, that is mind blowing sexy!!! Nice work


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by TrekUk

I dont like specialized but thats a nice spec.
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by russellis

totally cool as f***

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by KWalker

Does the new Toupe feel any less "saggy" than the old one?
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by Weenie

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