Well, It is official. 2007 Bianchi 928 MINE!!!!!!!!

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by skiezo

So I was at the LBS today ordering some stuff. Well there was a 2007 Bianchi 928 there for service.
I was asking some questions about the bike and such. They let me take it for a ride :lol:.
It is like new with only 300 miles according to the owner. I called the owner and I made an offer not expecting him to accept the offer,but to my surprise he said sure. ( He has a new custom Lynskey TI waiting to get built hanging in there shop.)
It is new except for the age. Built up with full DA 7800 and custom wheels also new. The DA is also like new as well with only 300 miles on it. We just need to get together so I can pay him plus he wants the saddle,computer and pedals.
This is one of the sexy as hell nude lugged carbon frames and it is in my size.
Once I get it here I will post some pics and let you know what I really think after a few rides.
So Now I have a bunch of spare DA 7800 parts that will need a good home :mrgreen:.
I like this bike because the HT is not as high as the c2c but is not sitting right on top of the TT. It is right in between.
So for under a grand I think I will be set and ready to go soon. :lol:
Just found out from the owner it is really a 2007 bought in 2008. He has the receipt in hand and he will give it to me.


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by fdegrove


Congrats on the purchase.
I still keep an aluminium Bianchi around as a winter bike and I absolutely love its geometry. Fits me better than the more recent Kuota.

Ciao, ;)
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by michel2

Very nice score !! I've heard great things about the 928 frames, enjoy!

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by dynaserve

They let you take someone else's bike for a ride?

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by skiezo

They had to contact the owner first, but with his blessing, yes I did take it for a nice 45 min. ride. I have been dealing with these guys for 30 years or so.
I was not just some joe-shmo off the street. They have been servicing my stuff since my Basso Ascot days in the early 80's when I was sponsored by them. They are like family.
Find a good LBS and stick with them and they will take care of you.


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by prendrefeu

I rarely (read: 1/year) ever take any part of my bike(s) in for service at an LBS, preferring to do all of the work at home whenever possible... but damn, son, even if you were the son of the owner of the shop, if they had called me up asking if someone else can take my bike out for a spin, my reply would be this:

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by skiezo

I am sure him knowing that he was going to list/sell it in the next few weeks had something to do with his decision.
That and me being a potential buyer in great standing with the shop may of swayed thing in my direction.
Plus he has a custom $4000 frame and fork at there shop waiting to be built up with SR along with some custom wheels that they are building for him.
I gather the prior owner is a bit OCD. He changes bikes like I change my titie whitties.
The reason this bike has such low milage is it was hanging behind his other 3 or 4 high end rides and he did not want to take the time/effort to move his other bikes to ride this one. That is the story that I got anyhow.
He owns a Parlee z3,Custom TI by Moots,Custom steel by Joe Williams and god know what else.
I guess I was just at the right place at the right time with cash in hand.


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by nobrakes71

nice one

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by Bianchi10

I cannot believe the shop let you test ride someones bike!

Glad it worked out for you though

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