Planing NeilPryde BuraSL build (coming from a Dogma)

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by AndreLM


I have been lurking around for some time now, but never introduced myself properly. I currently have a Pinarello Dogma2 with Dura Ace 7970 (not a weightweenie at all).

(edit: removed Pinarello picture)

I have bought the bike lightly used 1 year ago and it served me well. Before that, I used to ride a Wilier Izoard, my first road bike after several years in MTB.

Anyway, this post is not about the Dogma or the Wilier… it is about a proper WW build. I have purchased a NeilPryde BuraSL (2013, electronic version), for an extremely good price, and I will build it trying to compromise weight & reliability, especially considering my body weight (85 kg, 190 lbs). As soon as I receive a picture of the frame I will upload it here.

My initial build list with some thoughts. Your comments are highly appreciated:

- Frame: Neil Pryde Bura SL, model 2013, size L
- FD, RD, Shifters: Shimano Dura Ace 9070
- eeBrakes
- Powercordz Swift systems brake cables / housing
- Seatpost: Thomson Masterpiece or 3T Ionic Team Stealth
- Stem: Thomsom Elite X2 or 3T ARX II Team Stealth
- Handlebar: Thomsom Road or 3T (Ergonova or Ergosum) Team Stealth
- Cranks: Power2Max Type-S
--- Ideally, I would like to use a Cannondale SiSl2 here, but buying pm, crank arms, spindle, bb, spacers, etc… I don't know, I am afraid I may spend a lot of money and in the end, mess up chain line, or get unreliable readings from the pm
--- An easy option would be a Rotor 3D+… not the lightest, not the heaviest, not the prettiest… in the other hand it is quite flexible and I could use it in any other frame in the future (or sell it more easily)
--- Another possible solution would be the FSA K-Force Light: a bit lighter than Rotor 3D+, and I think it would match the frame a little bit better. The issue quite frankly, is the lack of enthusiasm with a FSA part
--- For any solution, I would use 110BCD 52/36 chainrings (Praxis)
--- P2M recommends Rotor PF4630 bottom bracket… any lighter (and reliable) option? (I will miss the threaded italian BB simplicity in my Dogma)

- Pedals: Keywin Carbon Ti
- Saddle (existing): Prologo Scratch Nack (carbon rails)
- "Training" wheels (existing): Campagnolo Shamal Ulta 2-Way (set-up as tubeless, with Schwalbe Ultremo ZX). I will try first with a Chorus cassette I have laying around. If it does not work properly, I will use either a DA or SRAM cassette
- "Light" wheels: after the Zipp 404 FC clinchers rubbing the brakes and chainstays of the Dogma, I need something stiffer. I will probably go with a set of handbuilt Enve 45 tubulars laced to Alchemy Efl/Orc-UL hubs.

Due to some work related issues, I can only properly start the build around April. Until then, I will keep you posted on build decisions
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by Quinn039

Sounds like a nice build. I run a full Thomson kit on my bike (including a Masterpiece) and just love it. The bars are great and the stem/post are just gorgeous.

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by AndreLM

I am leaning towards a Syntace P6 Hi-Flex seatpost. It would not match the Thomson bars / stem, but I think it would look great with the frame paint / finish, and it would also improve the comfort. It is not the lightest post, but not that bad: 231g claimed for 400mm (I could cut it down to ~270mm). Given my weight, I don't think I can save a lot with the post.

I also finally found the Keywin Carbon Ti pedals (claimed 170g for the pair). I was only finding the standard Carbon or the CRM Ti.

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by AndreLM

Finally received the frame and some of the parts. More weights during the weekend, but for now:

NeilPryde BURAsL, 2013, size Large, electronic frameset, without hardware (bottle cages & FD bolts, seatpost collar, rear brake cable guide on the heeadtube). I did not remove the RD hanger, though

uncut fork

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by Kayrehn

Alchemy hubs are currently still not available as yet, or do you have a source for them?

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by AndreLM

The build list changed a bit, I will update that as well. I will use Tune hubs and Zipp 303 rims.

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by KWalker

Rotor 3D+ cranks are not that much heavier than SiSL2s. Your chainline will be fine with either option
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by AndreLM

Just a quick update on the build...

This is what I already have:
- Frame: NeilPryde BURAsL, model 2013, size L
- FD, RD, Shifters: Shimano Dura Ace 9070 (internal battery)
- eeBrakes
- AICAN Bungarus brake cables / housing
- Seatpost: Syntace Carbon P6 HiFlex
- Saddle: Prologo Scratch Nack (carbon rails)
- Pedals: Keywin Carbon Ti
- C-bear bottom bracket
- KCNC Titanium Skewers

This is being purchased now
- Cranks: Rotor Powermeter
- Handlebar: Deda Supperleggera
- Stem: trying to find a cheap 130mm / -8° to test fit… after final assembly I will change to a Deda Supperleggero or Extralite (max 120mm though :roll: )

Training wheels: Pacenti SL23 / WI T11 should be delivered this week. Will be set-up as tubeless
Light wheels: Zipp 303 FC Tubular laced to Tune Mig 70 / Mag 170

For those interested, here are some shots on scale of all parts so far: ... sL%20Build

(includes some misc parts as well...)

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by audiojan

Just finished my Bura SL and got a 15min spin in last night. Man oh man can that thing fly! My other bikes are Look 595 and Parlee Z5 (no slouches!), but the Bura is just so much stiffer than either of those. It tracks like it's on rails. Rest of the build it Record EPS, Gravitas brakes and Quarq Elsa crank with Q-rings.

AndreLM, keep us updated on your build!
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by AndreLM

Good to hear your ride report. Very similar to others I've read about this bike.

I have almost all the parts. As a matter of fact, I am missing only the Zipp tubulars (next Tuesday), and the tires for it (sometime next week or the other).

Unfortunately the actual build will take 1 month from now. I am moving to another country, so things are messy these days.

I can't wait to finally ride it!

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by AndreLM

Some additional weights added to the album (including wheels and Rotor PM) ... sL%20Build

I have all parts, except for the tubular tires and bottle cages, which should arrive anytime this week.

Configuration for "initial" build
- NeilPryde BURAsL, model 2013, electronic
- Shimano DuraAce 9070 shifters, FD, RD
- Rotor Power Meter
- CK PF30 Bottom Bracket (distributor did not have the c-bear BB in stock)
- eeBrakes with AICAN Bungarus cables
- Syntace Carbon P6 HiFlex seatpost (kinda heavy, but it is nicely made, fits the frame aesthetics perfectly, and should give some additional comfort)
- Prologo Scratch Nack saddle
- Deda Supperleggera Handlebar
- Specialized "boat-anchor" stem (this is for testing initial fit - I will change in the future to an Extralite or a Straight Shooter from Wert)
- Keywin Carbon Ti pedals
- Training wheels: WI T11 / Pacenti SL23 / Sapim CX-Ray / Schwalbe One Tubeless
- Race day wheels: Tune Mig70/Mag170 / Zipp 303 FC Tubulars / Sapim CX-Ray / Veloflex Arenberg 24mm

Estimated weights, including pedals, computer and 2 bottle cages:
- With WI/SL23: 6776g (barely UCI legal :twisted: )
- With Zipps: 6342g

After fit confirmation, I can save some additional weight with the stem, cutting fork and seatpost, etc. There are also some quick savings on bottle cage bolts, seatpost clamp, etc.

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by AndreLM

Finally started to build it in a LBS. The guys over there are having some problems fitting the Rotor 3D+ with the Chris King PF30 bb. When they install the 2 conic shaped spacers, the spindle "becomes short" and the crankset does not spin well... Anyone tried this combo already (CK PF30 + Rotor 3D+)? Thanks!

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