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by willy

Finally got my FF, great bicycle. Fit of course perfect as expected with a custom bike. Ride very nice...stiff but lively, went with thick tubes, 44 mm head tube..enve fork, stiff front end. Tracks great, stable at 50+kph, still dont have an exact weight...some photos...
FF-264-Studio-5 by fireflybicycles, on Flickr
FF-264-Studio-2 by fireflybicycles, on Flickr
FF-264-Studio-8 by fireflybicycles, on Flickr

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Location: medellin, colombia/miami, fl

by willy

built it with campy record, reynolds mv 32 wheels, challenge tubulars, selle italia slr Ti saddle, 3t carbon stem and hb.

Camera Roll-2106 by willy gil, on Flickr

Camera Roll-2110 by willy gil, on Flickr

Camera Roll-2107 by willy gil, on Flickr

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by btompkins0112

Brilliant! I stared for about 5 minutes to find a ENVE stem and matching bar would make it bike of the year for me. Close second would be the candy apple red Parlee that has somehow never come to fruition.

Stunning build. Period.

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by Calnago

Very nice Willy, so tell us... how does the geometry differ from your best fitting/riding Colnagos? Did you specify the geometry or did you let the guys at Firefly do their thing and just go with it? Details, details...
The workmanship on these bikes, the welds, the finish... is just superb. I've only seen one in the wild, and the guy was happy to let me examine it close up.
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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

As usual Willy- Fantabulous!!!
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by plpete

That is beautiful. If I ever end up getting a Ti bike this would be it :thumbup:

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by stefanot

Wow. One of the nicest Ti's I've seen. this is NOT helping me resist the urge to buy a Ti bike.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Drop dead gorgeous. Faultless.
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by KB

The look, proportions, choice of equipment. This is about as good as it gets. Chapeau

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by Juanmoretime

Outstanding! :thumbup: It looks like the down tube and top tube are shaped? A weight? Also could you post a picture of the rear drop out? It looks like art.

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by LionelB

Very nice !

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by prendrefeu

Yeah Willy!
Beautiful build, and great composition in your documentation as usual.

Any chance you'll be bringing that out to LA ?
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by munk93

Oh god! Close to perfect imo. And so wonderful to see some prober pics of a bike posted in here. :)

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by justkeepedaling

Been saying this ever since Firefly came out, but I think they make the best Ti frames out there. Seriously just perfect

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by Ozrider

Wow, aesthetically that is so close to perfection.
I am not a fan of 3T components, but that is just my preference. I would go for one of Fireflys Ti stems to match the seatpost and frame, but not my bike and choices are so personal. It looks fantastic.
Firefly have to get my vote as one of the finest custom TI bikes, their anodised finish suits Ti bikes perfectly.
Definitely on my wish list.
Ozrider - Western Australia
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