2013 Cannondale Evo HIMOD DI2 9070

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by goodboyr

Beautiful build. I too am a little puzzled by the weight. Just built up my friends 51 cm evo himod with 9070 and zipp 404 tubbies. It came out to 6.55 kgs with an SRM DA 9000.

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by tranzformer

For 9000 RD, FD, shifters it is 585g and for 9070 FD, RD and shifters it is 550g.

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by rheosibal

Nice bike dude, I kinda wish I went Di2 now..

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by jezzaj88

Hey ASV, Just wondering where you purchased your Stages power meter? I am looiking at ordering one from the stages website but noticed the photo of the Cannondale crank is only the SI and not the SISL2 like your one?


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by asv

I bought it directly from stages. I heard that the SISL2 was no longer on the stages site and contacted Will from Stages to see what was up. Apparently the paint on the arms of the SISL2 is so thin that it was causing cosmetic defects with the arms when they were baking the stages unit onto the arm. They will still support existing customers and they are looking into solutions that will allow them to offer SISL2 units but for right now they are not available. The issue is 100% cosmetic and has nothing to do with data collection.

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by mythical

asv, I thought I said this earlier but this bike is bar none the best looking SuperSix Evo I've come across!! And it's still one of my favorite framesets at the moment. :thumbup:
The rest of us can only imagine how well it rides. :beerchug:
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by rheosibal

Regarding the Di2 wire that goes from Junction A into the headtube...

Does the wire get routed through the top tube, or does it bend and go through the downtube? Trying to figure out what cable lengths I will need.

Thanks for the help

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by upside

It will run down the down tube....1200mm should do the trick.

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by ttigg

Great looking bike :thumbup:

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