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by theletterk

Its been about a week after i finished my Tommasini Golden Nugget project and this is the other project i worked on at the same time. If the Tommasini was a totally bling project....this is at the extreme end of things. Took a longer time to build as i told the mechanic to really take his time on this.

Bike should be up in a few more days but here are some pictures (Stealth project has been done to death and this is probably just another one of the black parlees in WW). Trying to go for a 5.7kg or below weight based on paper weight. Let's see how this will turn out.

Why didn't i go for the newer Z5i? I could have done it but chose the older SL in the end as i want to run mechanical groupset with this bike. I have an EPS SR on another bike and somehow i prefer the mechanical feel after using the eps for about a year. It just feels a little better. More feel and i am trying to stringe on some weight as well.

Will post more pictures when i pop by the mechanic in the afternoon.

Frame - Parlee Z5SL - XS with short headtube
Fork - Enve 1.0
Groupset - Campy SR11
chainrings - Praxis clover 53/39
Crank - THM Clavicula M3 (170mm and 130bcd)
Brakes - THM Fibula
Chain - YBN 11speed
Handlebar - Enve
Stem - Enve
seat post - Enve
Saddle - Becker Carbon
cables - i-Link
Wheelset - LW blk edition
Tyres - Vittoria Evo corsa CX
Bartape - OGK 0.7mm
bottle cage - aerus cage (sand down to matte black)
pedals - Time iClic Titan

And here are the pics












by Weenie

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by kac

Very nice. Very nice, indeed!


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by maverick_1

With those serious WW components, you'll definitely go below 5.7kg :thumbup:

On a side note, mind sharing with us why the preference on the mechanical SR rather than SR EPS?

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by theletterk

thank you both :)

why i chose mech instead of electronic.

1) the feel for mechanical is much much more cycling based. makes you feel like you are really cycling. Yes - the shifting for EPS is very fast but i somehow know i can shift a little bit faster for the rear D without the electronic rear having the v v slight delay to align itself (the final pfeek sound). You are more in control over how you want to really move up and down the cogs. But the Front D for the EPS is amazing for sure. shifts fast. EPS is definitely great without a doubt. My LOOK 695 is running the SR EPS and its really amazing.....but somehow i miss her with the mechanical groupset. Not so robotic i feel.

2) weight!!!!! :twisted:

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by coppercook62

Nice choice of components. Cant wait to see this built up.

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by Imaking20

Wow. This is fantastic.

And thank you for mechanical! I feel the same way about being "more connected."
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by poppiholla

Great parts. We need to see the complete bike :mrgreen:

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by wasabi1

Im in love! Looking forward to it.

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by Naturel

Very Nice! :thumbup:

A complete pics, please.

Could you also send me (maybe in mp) a review of the comportment?
I hesistate with a Cervelo R5ca, I don't know if it is so stiff...

Thank You.

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by HaroldC

Very nice frame and sweet build. A full photo of the complete bike please!

Also - how do you like the iLinks? Thinking about getting them for my bike and was curious about their operation and installation.

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by manne

Lovely Parlee mate

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by theletterk

Thks everyone for the comments. Glad you all liked what I have done.

The bike is not ready yet. Just waiting to figure a way on how to squeeze the Becker saddle into the enve clamp..might have to shave/file a little off the clamp part as the rail on the Becker is pretty thick(oval shape rails).

Other than that....I am left with the taping of the bar tape and minor adjustments of the ilinks (the ilinks seems to be working really well based on initial installation. Looks very good, lighter than standard cables.

Will post more pictures tomorrow and give updates on how the bike rides :)

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by Ozrider

Really nice Parlee, I like your thinking on mechanical.
Enve make a carbon rail specific clamp for the seat post, cost about $20. It fits oval carbon seat rails perfectly. I have both sets of clamps just in case I need to swap saddles at any time.
Did you have to modify the iLinks to fit into the Campy levers? I know another board member Sugarkane also runs SR on his Z5, do a search as he has a light build, with similar components to yours.
Enjoy the Z5, they are fantastic bikes. You have a really nice collection of well built, top end desirable bikes. Makes me jealous, but in a good way.
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by AshesDust

Damn, that's gonna be super light. Can't wait to see the final.

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by LouisN





Louis :)

by Weenie

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