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by quattrings

It's loud, bold, bright and... I just can't hate it :D

Awesome bike man, definitely one of a kind!

ps I think when you go out on that bike you need one of these


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by Rippin

Love it!...especially with the Boras.
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by btompkins0112

You need to get a RECON gold cassette to really finish it off! Hope you have some gold Giro Empire's to wear too...

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by Bianchi10

Just for kicks and giggles, I PS some black bar tape to see what it would look like for ya. I didn't put much time into it because i didn't really want to, but for me, this gives me a better perspective than just trying to imagine it.


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by kgt

The frame is a masterpiece.
The Shamal version is too cheesy. The Bora version is not that great either IMHO. A set of Hyperons would probably look better. I 'd also prefer an all black saddle and black bottlecages.

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by Frankie13

Sorry but I liked it a lot better with the gold tape it's like it was made for it. I wouldn't change a thing.
In the end it's your baby!

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by DMF

With the gold Shamals, it's just absolutely freakin' spectacular! My jaws would hit the ground if anyone I knew rolled up on that on a thursday night groupride...

Great job, love the touch of personal taste that obviously went into this.

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by Ozrider

With the Bora's that bike looks freaking awesome. It carries off the gold bar tape really well.
I would usually suggest black tape, but on such a bling build the gold surprisingly looks really good.

In my opinion ( and it is only my opinion) I think the other wheels overpower the other details. With the Boras being a little more subdued it lets the other features stand out.

Very well done, it looks amazing :beerchug:
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by theletterk

my preferred combo is also the bora + gold bartape. just looked a little better to me.

The shamal wheelset was something i wanted to get since i ordered the frame. And it did not appear on my local forum until the very very last day. Probably fated to make me buy it immediately without even seeing it.

Shamals for display at home. Boras for actual riding but of cos the Shamals will have some exercise on it as well depending on who i ride with :)

2 school of thoughts in this thread....but all good comments. All part of the learning curve on how to build a nice looking bike :) Thank you!

*my next bike should be out in the next few days. Totally different from this build. Void of colours and on the extreme end of the colour spectrum! :twisted:

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by maverick_1

Great built, as usual :thumbup:
I understand you have a Master 55th as well as a Cinelli SC.
Possible to explain the ride feel between the three framesets?
And which is your favorite among the three?


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by kgt

theletterk wrote:I have other bikes to do all the painful rides but my steel bikes are reserved for days when I just want to do what I love. Cycle with a toothy grin.

That! :)
The frame is a masterpiece, one of the nicest steel frames available. The lugs and overall attention to detail is second to none.
I would just prefer it with Hyperons if you ask me.

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by fogman

Out of curiosity where do you get gold Shamal Ultras? Or is it aftermarket, custom paint?

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by TwiggyTN

I believe when released their initial offering was in gold. I have a pair, in tubular of course.

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Love the ride with the "black label" boras (big fan of that wheel set in general)!
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