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by theletterk

Waited a long time for this frame and it finally arrived last week. Took out all the parts i kept aside for the gold theme and here it is.

Build list
Tommasini Tecno in gold - Sz 49
Groupset - Campy SR11
Seat Post - Deda Superzero Matte finish
Stem - Deda Zero100
Handlebar - Deda Presa
Saddle - Fizik Antares in black and gold
Bottle cage - Minoura in metallic gold
Wheelset 1) - Bora ultra 2 with evo CX tubs
Wheelset 2 for display in hall and coffee rides) - Shamal Ultra Tubular with evo SC tubs
Bartape - Cinelli Teasure metallic gold
Headset - Campy record
Pedals - Time iClic
Chain - KMC gold chain

Here are the pics :)





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by Elrey

Looks amazing!
If it was my bike. I wouldt give it Black bar tape. The gold just looks cheasy compared to the rest of the bike.

by Weenie

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by michel2

I want to make love with ur bicycle !!!!!!

Incredibly nice !! Mamamia !(;

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by Nelus

Nice work ! :thumbup: Awesome job. But i think i must agree on the black bartape.
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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

I like this kind of bikes, a lot.
Everything black would have the frame stand out even more.

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by TrekUk

not a fan of the new wheels
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by Rumsas

It's like two different bikes, with the different wheels.
I like both of them very very much.
Awesome build. Tommasini's are almost better than Master's

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by deltree

Didn't like it with the Boras. Then I saw the Shamals and it looped back around to awesome. Love it.

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by btompkins0112

Looks awesome with the Shamals!!! Spectacular!

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by Frankie13

Awesome, stunning looking bike! I do like it better with the boras. With the Shamals it's to much gold for my taste. I think the gold bar tape works very nice with this build but I think black would look good as well. Seeing that much seat post I'm a little surprised by the short stem!
Enjoy this beauty :thumbup:

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

Unlike others, I like the bike with Boras but the Shamal are too much :noidea:

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by Stolichnaya

Flavor Flav would rock that with the Shamals.

With the Boras, the bike looks great.

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by corky

Their logo reminds me of a pair of Y Fronts.......

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by Bianchi10

theletterk wrote:Image

I think these wheels look so much better. Throw on some black bar tape and it would be SMOKIN in my book! Gold looks cool, but there is A LOT of gold on that. The black wheels and other pieces break up the color.

Fantastic bike!

by Weenie

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by theletterk

:) thank you everyone for the comments. I am flattered by the kind words and thank you for the suggestion with regards to the black bartape. I contemplated using black bartape but chose gold in the end as it breaks up the col between the stem and the handlebar. I wanted the black in between the gold or gold in between the black (whichever way you prefer :) )

The shamal was something I always wanted and when it came out for sale the day I collected the bike....I knew it was fated to be mine(how convenient and what an excuse for me to buy!!!) and I had to get it. Otherwise the bora will always be the choice of wheel for this build.

I had so much fun finding parts for this bike. Not an easy col to match as gold only seems to go well with black.

*gave it a short ride today - definitely in a league of its own. Steel just feels that little bit different. My cinelli supercorsa always put a smile on my face. This tommasini did the same thing to me as well....only difference is that I was literally glowing in the sun :) I have other bikes to do all the painful rides but my steel bikes are reserved for days when I just want to do what I love. Cycle with a toothy grin.

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