Kuota K-UNO

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by DamonCurtis

Went to get a fitting and finalise a few items on a new Kuota K-UNO today. The bike felt fantastic I am super stoked with it. Just looking forward to the UK weather to improve!

2013 bike with full SRAM Red groupset, Simano Ultegra 6700 Carbon SPD's.

Fizik Arione R1 on order and I will swap out the cockpit and seat post for carbon items once I have found a combo I like.

Polar CS500 to be mounted and some bottle cages next.

This is a shop pic. I will take some of my own when I get it home.

New to the forum so go easy on me guys :D


by Weenie

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by DamonCurtis

Oops forgot the obvious.....7.1kg Large frame

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by Bianchi10

Super sexy. I dig it! I think some people may say it looks a bit of a "billboard", but I like it. I think bike could look sweet if you took off the wheel decals also.

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by kulcha

Nice bike. I rode it once on my friend's bike and I like it very much!

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by OwenJames

Super nice.

I have those same rims, but with the carbon spokes and hubs. I switched out the decals for red ones. Gives it a much darker, more evil look. Mavic do those decals in a number of colours, so going for a gloss black, or something could really add to the look of it.

Regardless of decals, I bet that thing flies!

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by DamonCurtis


I toyed with taking the decals off the wheels. Can you get replacements in black? Would much prefer that.

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by kgt

That's a great looking frame!

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by bura

Hi Damon,

This is a fine bike and well built.
I am a owner of a Kuota ,too
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and think this fine brand is a bit underrated. For me they are on par with any of the "big" names here.
Just interested if you have frame and fork only weights.
My KOM in Medium is 960gr for the frame and 375gr for the cut fork .
Kuota Kom Evo
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by mihai

Nice,great bikes.

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by chazmtb

Love the K-UNO. I wished Kuota would come back to the U. S. I have a kharma race and would love to try a K-UNO some day. I just love Kuota's style.

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by Valbrona

Looks the business.

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by TrekUk

some SLE wheels would look so much nicer on. trust me they are worth the money :thumbup:
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by bruno2000

Nice bike, I have the fluo red/orange version with Dura-Ace 9000

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by MarkGiardini

Very nice!
How does the K Uno measure up against the KOM with regards to stiffness? Does it replace the KOM as the top bike in Kuotas range for 2013 or does it sit between the KOM and the Kult or Kredo?
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by Weenie

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by Biff

I think the K Uno and the Kom Air share the "Top bike" status.Apparently the Kom Evo is still made too..
Don´t know about stiffness but the Kom Air is off course the lighter of the two frames.

I also like the look of those Kuotas...But is the only color available Black??.Some members here have awesome Kom Ag2r frames...I know Kuota does´nt sponsor Ag2r anymore but a little color would suit their range

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