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by MuppetMower

Hey WWs. I'm somewhat new to the forums, and I have enjoyed discovering lightweight parts and getting build inspirations from the users here. Besides being a weight weenie, I am also an aeroweenie.

I race on the road primarily, and my stable consists of an S-works Shiv(nosecone), Bianchi Super Pista, a cross bike with an identity crisis(It is an old soft-tail, nine-speed, with a hodgepodge of parts. It was given to me by a teammate), and my wrecked Venge. The Venge is getting crash replaced and is the focus of this post. I could use some help picking parts for the build.

What I have:
Frame: S-works Venge. Not sure which paint scheme yet.
Cranks: Quarq Riken w/ S975 arms (I need to train with power, so I can't use a really light solution)
Gruppo: Full Sram Red Black edition(minus the cranks)
Handlebars: 3T Ergonova Pro
Stem: Ritchey WCS 4-axis (aluminum)
Saddle: Specialized Romin Pro
Pedals: Look Keo 2 Max Carbon
Wheels: Reynolds Attack Clinchers and 404 Firecrest tubulars

I need help with:
Cables/Housing: I've always just let the bike shop use whatever. Are there an particularly good brands for performance and weight?

Bartape: I've used the thin DSP Lizardskin. It is pretty light. Any other suggestions? I've seen some brands that are black with a color underneath that shows through the perforations in the tape. Anyone know what brands do this?

Cranks: I need a powermeter, so there is no changing that. Is there a lighter bb30 crank-based powermeter? I have a set of s-works cranks, so I am contemplating selling the quark and getting a system that can use the s-works cranks.

Brakes: I'm thinking of trying to pick up a set of EE Cycleworks brakes.

Chainrings: I've only used Shimano or SRAM in the past. Any other brands I should consider?

Stem: I've been happy with the Ritchey stem and it is relatively light. I might consider something else that better matches the aesthetics of the frame and bars though.

Handlebars: I really like the feel of the Ergonovas, but I want a set of aero road bars. I know about the Aeronovas, but they seem to have much longer reach than the Ergonovas for some reason. Are there any other shallow- ergo- aero- road-drops?

Thanks guys. I'll definitely get picks of the build as it comes together. If anyone wants weights of a certain component let me know ahead of time and I'll try to get it.

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by shoopdawoop

Hope I can help!

Cables/Housing: AICAN or Swift are going to be your lightest options although both can be somewhat of a pain to setup. Segmented housing is the way to go though, leagues ahead of traditional in my opinion, and alot of the people on this board, in function and weight.

Bartape: Lizardskin is good, i really like PRO, S-works, and arundel. I think fizik does that multicolored stuff youre talking about.

Cranks: Lightest BB30 is going to be the THM M3 SRM but that thing will break the bank haha. Having used power for the last three years and used a number of systems I think SRM still rains supreme; and with that S-Works crank I believe you can just buy a spider which is actually relatively cheap! I started with Quarq and still have one on my girlfriends bike and they seem to be nothing but trouble, everyone moans about having to send in SRMs for battery swaps but Ive had to send in every quarq Ive ever owned at least once a year when it malfunctioned. Alot of people on here have also have had good luck with Power2Max, they seem to have a good reliable system that comes in alot of options.

Brakes: I've never ridden EE brakes but I thats because as a racer I think you need a true quick release with a variety of settings to deal with wheel changes and the other random mishaps that only come with racing. Many people on here love EE though, really cool engineering and seems like great service.

Chainrings: Praxis are really nice and they have alot of options; if youre looking for aero I would go with Rotor, Ive had a couple sets and they function great, very little flex.

Stem: Got to give a shout to Thomson here, I switched from Zipp and Im in love with the function and the look of the x2 and x4. Ritchey def makes good stuff too but you might also consider 3T if you stick with their bars, matchy matching everything always looks goods.

Handlebars: I would check out the new ENVE and Zipp offerings in the aero road department, I know the zipps at least used to be available in a number of bends.

Good luck and enjoy the Spec, they get some hate because of the recent string of strange lawsuits but they are fantastic bikes!

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by Getter

You can try a Stages power meter with a Cannondale SI crank. Its pretty light and the price is reasonable.

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by MuppetMower

Thanks Shoopdawoop.

I've personally had no problems with Quarq. I guess I'll look at the price and weight of an s-works spider from quarq, p2m, and srm and go from there.

I did not realize the EEs didn't have quickrelease. That is a must.

Getter, I'm not a fan of stages.

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by shoopdawoop

EEs have a quick release but it is a single setting, open or close, narrow or wide type of thing

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by plpete

For a light cable set up I highly suggest the Jagwire Elite Link system. It is very light and the set-up is extremely easy allowing you to customize the length one link at a time. I also think it looks the best out of all the options out there.

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by HaroldC

Your Venge build shares some of the same parts as mine: http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=124146
You'll love the frame, it's super stiff and fast!

Cranks: Have you looked into either a Quarq or Power2Max for the S-Works cranks? Not sure about weights, but they both seems like feasible options to use the carbon crankset.

Chainrings: I have the Sram Red rings, but will get the Praxis ones when these wear out. They're 11 speed compatible and forged for strength.

Cables: I'm just running Jagwire Road Pro cables, but might switch to the Jagwire Elite cables over the winter in an effort to save some weight.

Brakes: The Sram Red Aero Links are pretty light and work great. I considered getting something lighter, but you'd have to spend a lot more to get only a little lighter than the Aero Links. I really love them and they definitely have better feel that the Sram Red Black brakes.

Bartape: I really like the Easton Microfiber that I'm currently using. It has a semi-gloss look and feel great. It also seems to wear well, as I have over a 1000 miles on them and they look almost new.

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by reebzor

The bartape you are looking for is Cinelli Caleido. I just took this off my bike and went back to Fizik tape. It looks cool but not as comfortable as Fizik IMO

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by Geoff

With respect to PowerMeters, I still think that SRM is the 'gold' standard. It is reliable in operation and produces reliable data. Personally, I have only experienced one issue with an SRM PowerMeter (a broken reed switch in a DA, which SRM fixed for free together with a new battery), so they aren't invincible. The PC7 PowerController is really good, too (finally, a PowerController as good as the PCIV :roll: ).

I would personally recommend the Cannondale SI-version over all others. It is really light and it is still the most-accurate of all SRMs. Although I really like the SI-version, I am also very happy with the DA and Record versions. I have just received a Rotor 3-D version, too. I have just installed it on Dan Martin's bike from last season, so I have no time on it yet. It is really nicely made and I find the Rotor cranks and the SRM interface to be very well-made. I'll bet it it is going to be very accurate, too.

On the brakes, it is still pretty hard to beat the quality of the 'factory' product.

+1 on Lizardskins tape.

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by ProfessorChaos

I would definitely use your SW cranks, and get a PM spider of some sort for it. The Praxis chainrings everyone is recommending are great too. I currently use them on both my roadbikes, and my Fatboy. I want a set for my Shiv if they ever come out with aero rings.

On to the handlebars. I have both the Zipp Vuka Sprints on one bike, and the new SW Aerofly bars on another. They are both super stiff, and aero. The Vukas are a little lighter. I can't remember how much exactly.

I'm getting ready to build a 2015 SW Venge myself, and I'm basically stripping my Cervelo S2, and transferring everything over. Good luck with the build.

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