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by erik$

Some bike love from Norway :D
With a little help from phallenthoul I was able to get something to stack all my parts on to. Noticeably stiffer front end than my previous bike, 06-modell G3, but otherwise they seem pretty similar (which is perfect for me). Not to happy with the silver color of the saddle but a white bar tape may help to balance it.

BH G5, 56cm frame
Chorus 11 group, compact, 11-25
3T Rotundo Pro bar and 3T Arx Pro stem 110mm
San Marco Aspide Composite
Reynolds Assault clincher / Bora Ultra

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by kavitator

nice bike!

chlincher rocks for everyday ride

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by DaniCervelo

nice build :)
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Very nice build. Please tell us more about the G5 - it was all the rage here on WW when it was launched and then we have had very few people (at least, that I remember) that have continued riding this frame.

Very curious...
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by micky

:welcome: and nice bike!

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by vladoo

really beautiful color-combination. nice for eyes, quick for legs.
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by Martin.F

Very nice bike. Too bad it's not as cool as my cervelo. Also, you are slower than me. :smartass: :mrgreen:
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by erik$

Thanks for the kind words, guys (and gals?)!

@Powerful Pete
The G5 blew my mind when it was released and I just kept waiting on the fence until the right deal came along. My frame was way chubby, ~1100g, but it was no problem getting it down to 6,8kg with the Chorus group, aluminum cockpit and a pair of decent wheels so perfect for me (no need to put lead in the seat tube).
The things I wanted improved from the G3 have been done so happy with that. In a perfect world both the head tube and seat tube would have been one cm shorter but this can be tweaked with saddle adjustment and stem lengths.
I had 10 days on a Supersix in March and I won't sell the G5 to buy that one - not based on performance, the S6 was a great bike, but I just feel better with the G5 between my legs :)

Have no idea what you talk about :noidea: We will have to do a test after my race in Denmark :mrgreen:

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by ferrarista

really nice bike! looks amazing with the boras :thumbup:

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by erotero

lovely mate
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by fa63

ferrarista wrote:really nice bike! looks amazing with the boras :thumbup:


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by ciccone376

looks killer! :beerchug:

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by munk93

Very cool indeed. But PLEASE loose the spacertower ;)

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by emike

Oh, c'mon, cut the STEER TUBE!

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by thegreatlakes

Wow. what a beautiful bike. The tube shape and paint always get me on these bikes. Exceptional style
and class. Looks mean.

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