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by tod

Very similar to Joemk12's...

My wife orgainzed this as a surprise for my 46th birthday. We do not have a Parlee dealer locally. So, she actually went to the shop I frequent and inquired about acquiring a Z5. They went through the process to become a dealer. In the mean time, she had some serious health issues that left us with some medical bills (our previous primo medical plan became very mediocre due to excessive costs from the new health insurance regulations) that depleted the build fund. I refuse to take money out of savings or pay interest on a credit card. So, I temporarily built the bike with my old Ultegra from another bike. It weighs 15.76 as pictured with demo saddle.

Z5 M tall
Full Ultegra 6500 (temporary)
Cannondale Sl carbon cranks (temporary)
3T Team bar, stem, post
Speedplay Zero
King stainless cages (temporary)
Reynolds 46 clinchers
GP4000s tires

I have an Arione CX carbon railed saddle to be installed. Build will be new Red with brakes and crankset to be determined. Please, be gentle with the position, spacers, uncut fork, etc. as position is not yet finalized.

Most importantly, my wife is fine!
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by Ozrider

:welcome: Z5's are awesome bikes. Will be great to see you upgrade this. Not a bad start point at all. Lucky man to have a wife with such good taste in bikes.
Keep us posted of your updates
Ozrider - Western Australia
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by BeeBee30

Not bad weight for a cobbled together build lol. Great looking machine, very boutique looking, def a silver saddle when funds allow 8)
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by mrfish

Wow, that looks great. But I was expecting a picture of the wife, not the bike, based on your post :D

I built my Z4 with Ultegra initially, and I have to say that even if it was a few grammes heavier than 7900 DA, it worked better, with perfect fit and forget shifting. Personally I would recommend saving up for the new group, then spending the money on a nice weekend away.

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by dcj9

fantastic bike, fantastic lady. great to hear she is OK

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by joemk12

Wicked Congrats, :beerchug: this bike is RIDICULOUS !!!!! I took yet another 20 seconds off my time today. If this keeps up I'm gonna start getting younger !!!!! so when people ask me how much this thing costs I tell them a ton cheaper than a plastic surgeon !!

Enjoy and give you wife and extra hug tonight .....

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by AshesDust

Looking good, man.

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by prendrefeu

Your wife's health is of paramount importance.
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by tod

Finally got the gruppo replaced. As originally posted, the bike weighed 15.76 pounds/7.16 kilos. The first changes were to replace the Cannondale carbon SL cranks with Red 2013 and a Fizik Arione CX Carbon saddle instead of the standard Arione. These changes brought it down to 15.28/6.95. The last modifications included completing the Red 2013 groupset with WiFli rear der. and EE Cycleworks brakes. That brings us to the current 13.96/6.35. I am pretty happy with that, as it includes standard weight tubes, GP4000 tires, no ti add-ons (pedal spindles, skewers, cages, etc.) and Garmin sensors and mount.
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by tod

eebrakesmall (480x320).jpg

wiflismall (480x320).jpg

frontsmall (320x480).jpg

seatsmall (480x320).jpg
saddlemountsmall (480x320).jpg

I will take some better pictures outside if it ever stops raining. This is supposed to be the desert!

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by canbakay

i think its fantastic as it is, a great frame!...external ultegra shifts beautifully and a very good overall weight.

best wishes to you and your wife.

edit: the groupo is changed, even better :beerchug:

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by tod

Thanks. I am happy to report that she is fully healthy and fine.

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