My new Time ZXRS

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by mon450

Finally I sold my RXRS frame, bought the new zxrs and passed on to it all off its components.

Result? 6,15kg of beauty:

- Sram Red 2012
- Lightweight Standard tubular (I also have Mavic RSYS clincher wheels for winter. With these on the weight is 6,3 kgs)
- Speedplay Ti Pedals
- Specialized swords toupe 143mm seat
- TRP 970 brakes
- Time handlebar
- Zipp stem (waiting for my time stem which is included with the frame)



With the mavics:






With the LWs:


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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Please re-size the first couple of pics mate, the Mars Lander doesn't need to be able to see them :thumbup:

Otherwise, like it! Great weight too!

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by thencameyou

Me likey!
(if you'd seen my bike you'd know why, French frame with SRAM red, speedplays and lightweight tubs)

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by kgt

Amazing machine. Well done! :thumbup:

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by manne

Great bike! Not a fan of the size difference between the stem and spacers :)

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by mrfish

Very nice bike.

But is the frame size big enough? The position suggests that you have long legs and a short spine, but the saddle - bar drop is quite large, so have you tried trading a few cm of bar drop for a few cm in length? Obviously this is internet armchair analysis, so feel free to ignore as what works best for you is key.

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by mon450

I am 176 cms high with long legs for my size. Frame is S, which in Time is a 53,5

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by cerro

I also want a Time! So impressive frame
/jonas l (my cyclingblog)

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by Gregorio

I agree with mrfish. I am slightly taller than you and i also ride a small Time.
Have you been properly fitted?
Looks like a great bike.

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by vagbouk

Very nice... what difference did you notice between RXRS and ZXRS?

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by poppiholla

Beautiful bike...congrats mate!! :beerchug:

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by milkbaby

VERY nice bicycle! :thumbup: Is that the black label colorway? Seems like the decals are toned down from the RXRS in comparison...

Any words on ride difference between ZXRS and RXRS? I love my RXRS and not looking to change any time soon, but I am curious... Some people said the front end was stiffer, but I'm a smaller rider on an XS size so don't notice that myself.

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by benzooki

That's the best bike Iv'e seen in a long time, absolutely love it! :thumbup:

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by Lynet

The Mavics really enhance the frames aesthetics. Much better than the Lightweights. Lovely machine in a price-range I'm never getting when bike-shopping.

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by NTMAD8R22

Would love to hear you opinion comparing the two.

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