Mapei Colnago CT-1

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by shoopdawoop

In an act of sheer hedonism I purchased my dream bike on ebay tonight!


I was looking for a cross bike for my girlfriend and this came up in the feed and I was content to just glance longingly but after jokingly sending her a link she told me I should get it. It didnt take much coaxing beyond that :mrgreen:

I absolutely love the Mapei colnagos and the ct1 is especially close to my heart as my dad has ridden a ct1 for the last 20 years; its the bike that sparked my interest in road cycling in general.

The frame is coming from england (to Ohio) so I have sometime to think about parts. I think im going to pick up a Chorus or Record group from shinybike, build some light ambrosio tubulars and kit the rest out in Deda components. Tell me what you think!
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by eurperg

This is going to be great! Looks like an early model with the Time fork. Deserves a Record groupset ;) Deda+Ambrosio sounds good too...

by Weenie

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by manne

What a beauty, congratulations!

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by HillRPete

Subtle kit, or all-out Mapei colours, that is the question. Great find.

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by Rumsas

Truly a dream, very VERY nice

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Roel W
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by Roel W

Nice and rare frame.
Love it!
But please replace the fork. Colnago's always come with straight forks. Time Club or Colnago Precisa is the fork that goes well with this frame.
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by Crossett

Nice find. Needs DA-7700 atmo.


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by kgt

Even if Time is its original fork I would prefer a Colnago straight-legs carbon fork.

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by 1spd

A Star fork would be nice! Love the color scheme! Great find.
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by shoopdawoop

After two months of waiting I finally got the frame today! I also finally have some extra cash to spend on a groupset but I was hoping that I could poll the group on what will look best on here. I'm debating between these two groups: ... -2011.html" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false; ... upset.html" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

I also think I might try and get this ... 1c300d24bd" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

However I know nothing about the old standards of bottom brackets (I'm only 20 after all :) ) so could anyone help me understand whether this will fit on the bb that is currently installed, pic included

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by c50jim

There's a big difference between the Athena and Record groups. Some on this site would say go for Athena because of the silver colour but I'd pick whichever you prefer (and DA 770, although correct for a Mapei bike, is obsolete and all the Mapei bikes in this household have Campy because we prefer Campy). Compared to Athena, Record has better shifters (trim on front derailleur) and different bottom bracket and crank, although LBS I've talked to have said the PowerTorque is OK, just a little hard to remove. Personally, I think Chorus is the best value for money in Campy 11 speed - only a bit heavier than Record and has all the higher grade features.

As to that SRM, check the length of your bottom bracket. Chorus and Record used 102 mm, Centaur and Veloce 108. Triples were different. The SRAM needs 102 to work properly, although you might be able to adjust it to work with something longer. It should fit your threads but I'm guessing your BB is not Chorus or Record because I think they say what model they are. We used SRM on Campy ST bottom brackets for years with no problems. That price seems high. I sold our last wired Campy ST SRM with a head unit for $500 or $600 two years ago. Now that wired is available, it's really the way to go. Those SRM wires were a pain. We had three sets of them at one time and had to be very careful with them when packing bikes for races and things.

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by SWijland

Very nice frame! Do make sure the rear dropouts are properly protected by paint. If not, paint them as soon as possible! They are very susceptible to corrosion and if they do corrode it cause the carbon to crack. Seen it happen to 2 CT2 frames so far.

I believe the CT frames were originally sold with a Colnago Street carbon fork.

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I loved those things... one of the best paint jobs they ever had

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by carbon2329

I couldn't agree more.

Enjoy. I'm sure you will. :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by veloman

That's a nice buy on a beautiful frame. I always wanted one of those myself. It looks to be in great condition too.

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