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by ljsolutions



by Weenie

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by 1spd

Very nice! A friend of mine built one of these up about a month ago w/ Sram Red and Mad Fiber wheels! Very nice bike! Congrats!
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by jmilliron

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by bencolem

That stem angle, really?

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by Juggler

^ +1
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by sawyer

Great build but the stem angle kills it.
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by thencameyou

I got excited when I saw the thread title, but pictures not doing it for me.
- stemerection
- long-cage rear derailleur.
- ridiculously long extenders.
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by Frankie - B

I don't care about the stem, the bike should fit the rider. We should not ride around with our stems level and slammed because that is the current fashion. The rider of this bike is strong enough to follow his own mind.

What bothers me though is the super long valve on the front wheel, the silver zipp skewer that sits on the right side and the long cage derailleur. Maybe the bars could do with a little less tilt, but that could probably be done when the bike gets a new bar tape next year. Unscrew the brake/shift levers and tighten them a little higher up on the bar. that way you can ride the bar with a little less tilt.
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I think the bike is sweet. Don't mind the haters, it looks like you're running a decent position.

Though, I agree with Frankie about the long valve extender; that does look a little goofy.

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by maggierose

Is there drop from the saddle to the bars? Yes. Check!
Are there a ton of spacers under the stem? No. Check!
Do you have a long-cage derailleur? Who cares; do your thang'. Check!

Do the valve extenders need to be changed? Yes, and that's the only valid criticism I read.

Nice bike; welcome to the forum; witness all the haters! Enjoy your ride!

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by Ozrider

it's the guys very first post. Why not welcome him to the forum and give positive feedback and helpful advice instead of crappy criticism. We all have to start somewhere, and not everyone is an instant expert. :noidea:
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by michel2

Welcome ijsolutions!
That is a wicked entree (first) post there,never been a great fan of the looks but they have been winning my heart recently.
How does she rude? Whatvwas ur previous bike ?

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by kgt

Welcome, very nice bike frame!
Its funny that people find the fit ok but criticize the valve length etc. IMHO the valve length, the bar setup and the long rd just "explain" the fit outcome.

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by ljsolutions

the picture was taken the first day i got the frame and had not adjusted it for my self the steam has been moved and it is no longer an erection. the componets are from my old bike not a big fan of the derailer but for now it will have to do.

by Weenie

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by ljsolutions

Here is the latest picture with my mavic wheels. does the steam look better?

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