Behold The Dentist! My latest Colnago C40

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by fordje

Ok, I'm finally ready with some pictures. Maybe not a weight weenie, but some sort of weenie nevertheless, I think it weighs a little over 16lbs. This is my 2003(?) C40 champ/HP. I had mainly been into 80's/early 90's steel stuff but after looking at WW, pez, pistapalace and brentwood itself (UCLA grad student here) for too long, I decided to try and hang with the dentists. I actually call it The Dentist. Seeing Fred from Jupiter's C40 made me so nauseous with envy that I had no choice but to make one for myself. It looks exactly as I would have it and is the first bike that went this far to complete. Possible innovations are the heat-shrink tubing to tidy up the bartape, instead of electrical tape, and the custom anodized ti hardware. There is a great guy in Toronto that will replace everything with ti or alu and I think the anodizing was $3.00 extra. The bike is lovely, but does not fit as well as my 56cm 97' Paris Roubaix C40 that was stolen last summer. You can probably see it in the length of the extensions. It's a 55, which is small (54.5 ctc tt) so I've decided to replace it with a 56 ctc tt non-HP b-stay that I'll be painting myself (well, at least the artwork, not the clearcoat or media blasting) á la Charles. I would love to see this become more common. After looking at so many princes, dogmas, EPS's, noahs and tailored parlees replete with lightweights and SR11, I believe the only way to go up is customization in finish. Bicycles are starting to look like tennis racquets in terms of product design; red, black and generic. Through customization, they can express something more interesting than just technology or wealth. I might be letting the frame go closer to x-mas, so pm me if you'd like. I was trying to one-up the collection of magic floating bike pics but it just ended up looking like bad photoshop, which I suppose it is. Let me know what you think.

build list:

Frame: 55cm C40 2003, b-stay/HP/champ paint (non-mapei) w/ ti cable adjusters
Fork: Star full carbon
Seat: arione cx w/ braided rails
Post: selcof monocoque 27.2, USE 28.0 adaptor
Collar: campy record w/ ti bolt
Bars & stem: easton pro equipe carbon, cinelli bianca w/ ti bolts. Deda tape & hűdz
Headset: Chris King Aheadset, 1" green w/ ti topcap bolt, ti headset spacers
Groupset: 10 speed record carbon, with chorus UT cranks, 2010 record cups
Chainrings: Stronglight CT2, 53/39
Pedals: Look Keo Carbon chromo
Brakes: mavic ssc brakes w/ swiss stop yellow & ti hardware
Chain: kmc sl-10
Cables: power cordz full kit
Wheelsets: reynolds DV3k w/ 25mm Evo CX II (shown), reynolds MV32c rims w/ Tune mig/mag 70/180 w/ 23mm Veloflex Paves
Skewers: dt swiss RWS, fake tune ti things

[img tags removed. please read the rules. Thanks]
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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

You're meant to let us pick up the purple Ti parts - and then get complemented on being so observant.

Ruining our fun, poor form! :cry:

(i kid)

Lovely bike there mate!!! And still at a very respectable weight - considering the C40 was never intended to be a 'weight weenie' frame. Congrats.

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by majklnajt

Great and beautifull looking bike, built with heart!

If I would be building it, I,d have an all black cockpit and hoods. And of course no Arione :D Just expressing my personal taste :)

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by sawyer

great bike. love the frame.

only thing i'd change would be to go for black bartape and black stem.
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by Juanmoretime

I like it! I actually think the white stem and bar tape work well with the color scheme. Your purple downtube adjusters. Is that the same threading as a rear Shimano derailleur adjuster? I tried the alloy Campy on a frame and it didn't work.

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by TheBugMan

I love the pearly white front, you have to represent after all, you are the dentist!

That last pic cracked me up! Inhaling some Nitrous oxide, maybe? Did you hold it up and chopped your arms out? I wanna see the untouched version.
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by micky

Im everyday getting more in love with C40!

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by fordje

Thanks guys for all the great replies.

Tinea, you're right but I was too afraid that no one would notice, they never notice :scared:

Majklnajt, I actually find this Arione quite comfortable, especially compared to the older one I had on my 97'. That being said, I've always rode concors and will probably try an aliante(custom!) with my next build. My old c40 looked just like this:
In that build, everything that could be black save for weird magenta ano bits was and I think I'll do that again when I finish the new frame. I've been admiring you bike, Rumsas' and of course Fred's and hope to get that similar look of menace with the next build. It will be black, gold and hopefully holographic as well, like a floor show at the Rio designed by Patch Club bikers. Getting the paint from these guys.

Juanmoretime, yes those are shimano pitch, campy is m5/.5 I think, much finer. Don't do it though, too hard to turn in real world riding.

BugMan, unfortunately I'm completing my architecture education, so I'll be needing to marry a dentist once school's out. Here is the unmolested photo, taken on the roof of my office.
Image By fordje, shot with DSC-T200 at 2009-11-29
1986 Somec Air SLX, c-record
Yamaguchi pursuit weirdo
2003 Colnago C40 HP, record 10

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by majklnajt

I believe you about Arione. Unfortunately, I dont like the look of it, sorry :)
I used Aliante and liked it quite much. I also liked Concor very, very much and also like the classic look of it. But I love the Scratch, its perfect, for me.

BTW, the old c40 looks great!!!

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by LouisN

I just learned that my two oldest (daughters) will need braces soon (I was curious by your title)!!!

So my (next 5 years or so ...) WW projects won't be near as nice as this one...

Great job!

Louis :)

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by dolophonic

Nice... real nice. So is your avatar!

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by wisgliebau

Really beautiful C40. I second the sentiment about the white cockpit set up really matching up with the paint scheme well. It's a different approach than usual and really holds it's own because of the artistic way it was done. Hope you can enjoy her for a long time!


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by JohnBohnJovi

I am looking to buy a Colnago C40 HP from a forum member. I would like to know what should I look for, and where, to make sure that the frame and fork are genuine? Also the frame series, where is it placed? I am asking these questions, as I have heard, there are fake frames on the market, the so-called Chilnagos.
Thank you!

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