2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL - with pic and build list

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by darkblue08

This is my Madone.

I started looking at a Scott Foil, but my LBS could not get it in my size. Then I found this one. Its a 50cm H1. It rides very casual until you shift your weight towards the front wheel, then it shoots out like a cannonball. It asks to be riden hard through the corners. So now its a contest with myself on how sharp I can turn the corners, and still pedal with the same power.

Its around 6.4 kg. Just need the Garmin in black and red :)

The rear deraillure is going to be swapped with a Sram Red Wifli next year. I got the Rival medium cage a couple of weeks before Sram published the Wifli. It also needs a couple of black high profile wheels. Again - Next year. Might be Corima Aero+. The pedal spindles also needs to be titanium.

I was aiming for a light bike with components that I trust. Its basically build to go up Alpe D'Huez in less then an hour. I have ridden more then 3600 km on it so far, and Im very happy with it, except for a straight headwind. But riding a pack the lack of aero profile doesn't matter that much, and it does side winds very well. It doesnt slow it down and it remains stabil. Especially sprints and hills it does very well and its seat mast design make it very comfortable even during 5 hour rides. If I would change anything that wasnt planned from the beginning it would be the brakes. I would go with Sram Red, because the KCNC C7 just isnt as strong a I would like. Although the brake pads are great, the lack of strength in the brakes become a problem during heavy rain, but on dry roads its no problem.
Build List.JPG
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by btompkins0112

Very sharp looking Madone! Like the C24 wheels.....I have a set and they are fantastic.
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by Weenie

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by CarpetFibre

Another short guy! :thumbup:

That's a great weight for what looks like a very solid ride. Puts the UCI weight limit to shame really. Good luck with Alpe D'Huez!

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by Rush

What chainring sizes are you using?

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by darkblue08

Its normal compact: 50/34. But the cassette is 11-32 on the picture, because I just switched to mountain gearing. I improved my FTP with more then 10% this year, so I have to switch to a 52/36, 11-26 when I get home again, to get an extra high gear.

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by Valbrona

At least it's not a Specialized Tarmac.

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by darkblue08

It could have been a Tarmac 4, but eta was 2013. Might be common, but its a good, good bike.

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by milkbaby

Nice... that looks the business!

Agreed KCNC C7 not that strong but hard to beat their weight and weight-to-price ratio...

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by darkblue08

Thanks. It really rides well and with comfort for all day riding. The comfort test is when I ride the 375 km from Aarhus to Copenhagen in about a month time. I also aim to take a much better picture.

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by kulcha

nice looking bike :thumbup:

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by darkblue08

Evaluation of the bike: KCNC C7 is not for me. Its way to soft. Compare to a Shimano 105 its very soft, and not what I like on the Alp's descents. I switching to SRAM RED Aerolink brakes in 2013.

Im not going to replace the frame in the near future, but my next frame is as Aero as it is light. I was looking for an Aero frame before I bought the SSL, but could find one that I could get in the time frame I wanted.

Best quality of the bike: Ride quality. Im amazed by the quality. I rode the Aarhus-Copenhagen (375km) in less then 12 hours incl. stops. I never got a sour behind or bag pains or any pains, though the legs where empty. Note to self: Eat better! The micro suspension in the seat post mast is a difference maker, and it still do hills and sprints like a pro.

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by CBJ

Valbrona wrote:At least it's not a Specialized Tarmac.

Hey now :o

Darkblue08 nice build I think one of my favorite Treks in a while.

by Weenie

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