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Simon BP
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by Simon BP

To celebrate my 1000'th post on this forum, I will proudly show off my projects for this summer. There is the WW(Rüegamer), the 'wall painting'(Storck) and the beautiful(Colnago).
Those three bikes are basically my idea of the perfect garage, and I can't wait for them to be finished!

The first one is old news to this forum. I have always wanted a Rüegamer due to the history of the brand, the rarety, the design and the weight. And my idea of the perfect Rüegamer, is this one. Low weight combined with exactly the right size and the prettiest paintscheme I have ever seen on a Rüe, meant I just had to own it at some point!
I will build it up with as light parts as possible. But I am not a millionare, and I will rather wait for the right parts which I can affoard, than build it up using 'heavy' parts.
I currently have:
- Clavicula crankset
- AX orion brakes
- Nokon carbon cales
- AX Zeus stem
- Schmolke TLO bar
- Dash Monica rear hub
- Recon cassette
- 49g Becker saddle
- KCNC headset
- Reynolds MV32T rims

I aim for under 4,5kg with this one, and hopefully I will get closer to 4,0 or even below.


The Storck is a very special piece.
It is a 2010 Storck Fenomalist in the extremely rare Dragon paintscheme. This paintscheme is called 'Cherry Blossom'.
They are all hand painted with a traditional paintbrush(no airbrush here), and aparently it should have taken 3 months to finish each frame.
There were only around 20 dragon frames made. Half of those were road frames, the other half mtb.
And they are all different in some way. A friend of mine owns another dragon Fenomalist, and it is with a completely different and more modern dragon on it.
I bought it NOS from the danish distributor. A huge thanks to him! :beerchug:

For the build: I really don't know yet. It is a Di2 frame, but I can't decide on what to get. It will be a wall hanger most of the time, so I am considdering either Ultegra Di2 or Athena EPS due to the price. I would love to put SR EPS on it, but I guess that will have to wait untill I win the lottery.
Also I can't decide on weather to will built it up using all black components, or pimp it all out in gold or possibly pink..

Anyway here's the frame:




The last one is one of my all time favorite bikes, and one I have wanted since I first saw it in a catalogue in 2008: a Colnago Extreme Power in ST02 colourscheme.
I started out building it with 10 speed Record Pro Tour Edition groupset and Ram2 bars, but the fit was horrible, and I preffer the Sram gear system (sorry :oops: ) so I rebuilt it in the spring, and it currently stands with Sram Red and LW clinchers:

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by BeeBee30

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

That Storck is gorgeous!!!!!!
Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by OrPe

Simon BP wrote:To celebrate my 1000'th post on this forum... my idea of the perfect garage

Indeed a perfect garage.

And that storck..... just fabulous.

Enjoy the process (my vote for athena EPS.. campy bias here)


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by welkman

wow wow wow I love that stork !

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by yeaitsdave

That stork is out of control beautiful. As much as I dislike Campy, I don't think the finish of Ultegra would look right on it. Athena, with subtle pink accents, for sure.

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by nigel379

Wow, your bikes are unbelievable. I recommend pink parts for the cherry blossom. Would look amazing.

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by maverick_1

Nice one Simon.
I'm waiting for your Colnago! show it to us!!

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by kgt

Beautiful all. I agree on Athena to the Storck.

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by Juanmoretime

Excellent collection! :thumbup: The Storck is very deserving of waiting and putting on the best. Good things take time. :wink:

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by tvillumsen

Wow, that Storck is awesome!

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giant man
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by giant man

Shame that Storck isn't a nicer colour than grey, but the dragon work is outstanding. Rüegamer is beautiful.

Simon BP
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by Simon BP

Thanks to all for the nice words and advice! Really apprecialte it! :)

Giant man: It's actually olive/army green. At first glance it can look gray, but put next to something that's really gray, it is easy to see the difference.

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by phallenthoul

that's an awesome collection of frames Simon.
congrats on finding the Storck =)

by Weenie

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by ross

Agree, really amazing collection there. The Stock is stunning

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