2014 Argon 18 Gallium Pro build

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by topflightpro

I just got my new Argon 18 Gallium Pro frameset yesterday. (It's a warranty replacement for my 2013 frame.) Anyway, I remembered to grab my wife's old Weight Watchers food scale to weigh some of the parts before I built it up:

Frameset: 871g - size is medium and this includes the Wheels Manufacturing BB86/92 bottom bracket, derailleur hangers, bottle cage bolts and seatpost clamp. Headset is not included. (I'll try to remember to weight the headset tonight. It's pretty heavy though because of the H3 system they use which allows you to screw in spacers to lengthen the headtube by 10, 20 or 30mm as needed.)

Fork: 337g uncut

Seatpost: 178g

I'm actually pretty impressed by the numbers. Argon said the frame without hardware was 750g and fork was 350g, and that seems pretty spot on given the numbers I got - taking into account the inclusion of hardware and bottom bracket of the frame as well as the accuracy of the scale.

I also can say that the 2014 frameset has a much better finish than the 2013 model. The internal cable routing in particular seems to be much better designed and manufactured. I am much more impressed by the 2014 frame than the 2013.

Argon also redesigned the seatpost for 2014, and it is so, so, so much easier to use. The 2013 one had four bolts (two for fore/aft and two for angle.) It was an absolute pain to set up.

I'll find out how it rides in a few days, once I finish putting it together. The rest of the build is the newest Sram Red 10 speed, Red Quarq, Deda Zero 100 bar, Ritchey C260 stem, and Fizik Arione CX saddle. Wheels vary. I'll also post pics when I'm done.

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by ANV

really looking forward to further updates!

I bought the galium 2014. I really like the Seatpost design. It gives you a lot of playground to set your setback. :) But it is fairly tricky.

Have fun building it up!!

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by mannymerc

Great, I have a soft spot for the galium pro, I know that eventually I will have to buy one.

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by rma

Interested to see some pictures! I really like Argon bikes!

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by topflightpro

Here's a photo of the complete build.

Based on my first two rides, I am happy with the new frame. It rides as well as the 2013 frame. It's a bit hard for me to say whether it is better, but the frame did feel a bit snappier than the the old one, but that may just be in my head.

I also am quite happy with many of the improvements Argon made for 2014.

The cable routing through the front of the headtube is easy to set up and is much cleaner than when the cables entered the downtube and top tube. And the cable routing under the bottom bracket has been substantially improved. The transition for the FD cable through the frame to the FD is much smoother, and the channel for the FD cable through the frame is wider. The 2013 version had a much tighter bend and the channel was just wide enough for the cable - When the mechanic first built up my frame, part of the FD cable was shredded on the frame - the bad mechanic left it like that. (I am focused on the cable routing as that was the problem with my 2013 frame that led to the warranty replacement.)

Argon also substantially increased the bb area. On the non-driveside, the frame is flush with the BB cup. On the driveside, the frame extends out a bit to reach the crank. On the 2013 version, the frame extended out on both sides.

I meant to take some detail shots of those changes this weekend, but forgot. If there's anything you want detail shots of, let me know and I'll get them.

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by kode54

looks great. my friend has an older Argon 18 pro and was thinking it was time to upgrade. maybe a few more rides out, you should be able to give a better assessment of how much more it improved. would love to hear.
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by ANV

Very nice bike!! Would you mind telling the weight and taking some details pictures of the seat post?


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by superdx

Super nice bike! I was seriously considering this frame. Maybe for 2015!

More pictures would be awesome!

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by Martin1977

More and bigger pictuers please. Your bike looks nice.

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by mgmoehn

Nice bike, I too built mine up and the cable/housing routing was kind of a pain for me but that is because I am running a Zipp Carbon Sprint bars... and there is minimal room to push housing through... took me the longest time there. Other than that the FD onthe 2013 frameset was a bit of a pain but everything else was fairly easy. Great job btw

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