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by djtodd242


Over the past 6 months I've built up and converted my bike to something lighter. Started off as an Alu Giant Defy, and wound up (after a couple of years) as what you see here.

Weight isn't the only factor when I was choosing parts, but it was certainly a consideration. I've upgraded or converted nearly every part, and I'm almost finished. Here are some pictures and comments, and at the bottom, some questions on shaving those last few grams.

On the trainer:

Rear end:

Front end:

Giant carbon stem, carbon top cap, and steerer tube that needs to be cut:

Saddle, Seat Post which is being replaced, and Ti seat post clamp:

Carbon cages:

Ultra lightweight skewers:

OK, so I have done the obvious stuff. Skewers, carbon headset spacers, carbon cages, carbon top cap, Ti seat post clamp.

On order: Carbon seat post (I was sold what I thought was carbon, turned out to be Alu with a weave sticker!), and 2012 SRAM Red compact crank.

The last thing I'm looking at is little things like replacing the bolts with lighter weight components. Things like the cage bolts and the headset bolt. Little odds and ends that are $20 here and $40 there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, I could lose a buttload by replacing the wheels, but I just love them...

by Weenie

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by JackDaniels

djtodd242 wrote:Yeah, I could lose a buttload by replacing the wheels, but I just love them...

Then don't ride them on the trainer :!:

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by Valbrona

Nice bike.

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by DJT21

Cut your steerer tube down and remove those sapcers. That'll save you some weight for free.

Is it even safe to ride it with that many spacers?

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