09 Parlee Z4 Build

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by Frisco

It's still a work in progress and awaiting some parts but the bike finally seemed worthy of a quick mid-build picture.


by Weenie

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by Raxel

Cut the chain, adjust the frond derailleur position, and put an edge seatpost and it's all set!
Very classy build...

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by exhibitx

that's going to be sick, well it already is, but it'll be even more sick when it's done

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by mathi

Very very nice , a man with taste 8)

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by TheBugMan

This is just sexy!
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by majklnajt

Which sadlle is this? San Marco Aspide?

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As said earlier, classy classy classy! :smartass:

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by aerozy

This is as good as it gets! :beerchug:
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by Roobay

wow horny bitch :mrgreen:
hope she rides well :roll:
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by micky

More pics!!

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by Frisco

Thanks. The Edge seatpost is planned but hasn't shipped; I picked up this one so I can get things adjusted and will swap it out when the real one arrives. The saddle is the SSM Aspide Superleggera Racing Team. I shortened the chain last night and need to adjust the front derailleur, install the brake pads, glue the tires, and cut the cables this weekend. I have a small bag of misc hardware left over from the assembly that I need to weigh, but by the rough estimate the final weight is going to come in at 5.9kg. Pics and all the weight info should come by the end of the weekend hopefully.

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legs 11
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by legs 11

That saddle looks like it's a great design but totally useless in the real world.
I've got the same Z4 but with a real saddle and appreciate that build, nice. :D
Put a Regal or a rolls on there. :thumbup:
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by CippoForLife

Actually, I used to ride that saddle on my Waterford, and found it was pretty comfy.
The carbon flexes a good deal, which works well...it was just a bit too wide for me.

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by Raxel

Aspide carbon saddles are known to be quite comfy and durable, although a bit heavy in WW standards.
Maybe a classic flite saddle may suit better with this build?

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by Kam0916

Very nice looking bike!

by Weenie

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