Helium build with Chorus

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by MaxDaddy

I'm building a Ridley Helium Flandrien and the plan is to go with Campy Chorus 11.

I've been a Shimano guy, until I just finished a Pinarello build with Record. That got me hooked. So I'm not really sure how the Campy groups translate to the Shimano groups in terms of level/quality.

My question is will the Chorus group on a Helium be "ok"? Or is that level of component not up to the level of the frame? My concern is getting it all built and regretting the group choice. The all black Chorus group will definitely look nice on the black Flandrien.

The Pinarello build set me back 7k +. And this one isn't going to be cheap either. So if I can get away without spending Record money that would be great. I know there's a little bit of a weight difference, but that my be offset by cold hard cash. Plus, the Chorus doesn't have any red on it, and neither does the frame. I'm anal that way.

The other pieces of the build are Ksyrium SLRs, and FSA carbon bars and stem.

by Weenie

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by soonerrebel

Campy CHORUS would be fine and up to the level of the frame. I believe most people would be hard pressed to tell the difference between Record and Chorus in terms of performance. The Record group would weight less and "LOOK" different.
If your go with Chorus, yes your probably going to come upon certain cyclists who say "You should have went with RECORD" but thats just conversation. I put Super Record on a Cannondale CAAD9 ... Some would say that level of componetry is above the level of the frame!!

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by ticou

I'e done over 14K km's with Chorus; over two years with the same chain, only tightened the rear brake spring a notch. Run's smooth and luverly, put SR cults in the RD jockeys, that's all.

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by roadhog44

Its fine, Chorus is generally well regarded as very good quality and really would not be out of place on a top end frame, a good thinking mans choice as cheaper to replace rear mechs,with only about 200gms weight penalty over Record....although those splashes of Red on Record are very nice!

Heck, I run 10 speed Centaur shifters on my Helium with 10 speed Chorus rear mech and 11 speed Chorus cranks and brakes....Its good!



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by c50jim

Except for a very brief foray onto Di2, I've ridden Campy exclusively since 1995. I started with Chorus because it was cheaper than Record, then moved up to Record over the years for my highest end bikes, Chorus, Centaur and even Veloce (commuting bike) for others. Frankly, they all work pretty well the same except that some of the recent lower end groups (not Chorus) can only be shifted one gear at a time and can't trim the front derailleur.

In the last few years, I'd gone to Record exclusively except for my winter and cross bikes. However, this year I was building a couple of 11 speed bikes that were blue and didn't like the red accents. Chorus is 121 grams heavier than Record, 29 of that in the cassette. Super Record is another 59 grams lighter, 24 of that in the cassette. Since I almost never used Record cassettes in 10 speed because of price, I discounted that part of the weight saving. The Chorus group works as well as my Record groups and will last just as long, it's just marginally heavier. At Ribble or Shiny Bike prices, Record is about 50% more expensive than Chorus and Super Record is about double. Neither is really good value. However, I will use Record or Super Record if they work with the bike's colour scheme just because they are (supposed to be) the best.

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by MaxDaddy

That is a beautiful bike. Can't wait to get mine done.

Thanks for all of the feedback. I did go with the Chorus.

Now it's down to saddle choice. I just put a Flite Gel Flow on my Pinarello that I like. Just trying to decide if that's too much saddle for this bike. Weight wise, etc.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Good choice. Please do put some pics in the intro section when it is built up.

As for saddles, your rear end has to tell you which one works for you...
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And you can call me Macktastik Honey Pete Kicks, thank you.

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by Geoff

I'm a Campagnolo guy, too. I have been on a long string of DA and Di2 bikes over the past few seasons, but Lotto is sending me a Helium ESP later this week. I can hardly wait. I think you will be really happy with Campagnolo. The ISP is good, too. :beerchug:

by Weenie

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by apLe

I've been using SR so far with no issues, however my fiancee has got Record on her bike and except for the weight and graphics, I can hardly tell the difference in terms of performance. A friend of mine has Chorus on his time and it works flawlessly as well.
18' R5 coming soon...

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