Colnago C59 54s GDSL now finished

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by eurperg

New bike build coming...

Colnago C59 54s GDSL.

Sizing down one sentimeter from my 59 traditional CT2. C59 in size 59 would have a had a too tall HT, and 54s equals 58 trad. Now I don't need classic bend bars to bring the hoods down enough, and they're not for sloping bikes anyway. Hopefully the smaller size also bring a little bit more lively handling. The CT2 feels like a steamroller, in a good and bad way.

I was expecting the frame to be under 1200g, so I'm happy with the weight. Painted all over with no nude carbon visible, so it's not the lightest paint job...
Would be under 1100g without headset cups. The fork is ~30g lighter than a Star fork.

Rest of build will be:

- Record gruppo 2012, 39/53, 11-27, 175mm
- Colnago carbon seatpost
- Deda Zero100 stem 130mm
- Deda Zero100 bars 44cm
- Fizik Microtex white
- Selle San Marco Regale Carbon FX white
- Elite Custom Race matte black / white
- Hyperon tubulars or Assault T's
- Keo Blades

Should weight ~ 6957 grams when finished, we'll see how close it goes.

Weight with headset cups, bb cable guide and hanger

Fork with crown race

Sloping chopper. :twisted: Matte white will be a pain to keep clean...
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by CBJ

Love the paint job and call me crazy but I like the sloping better too :thumbup:

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by Willier

...and classic look handlebar would look great!
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by PSM


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by eurperg

Willier wrote:...and classic look handlebar would look great!

Well, here's a pic with Newton shallows, but I think I'm going to use Zero100 bars anyway... :?


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by cerro

No you shouldn't ;) those Shallow bars fits perfect and really classy bike :)
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by BxEddie

No, the shallow bar is top. You may turn it a bit down, if you like...

Paintjob is top. Lookind foreward to see more pics. :thumbup:

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by majklnajt

You will love the feel of the Zero bars, but I guess you wont like the look of it ;)
Anyway, nice bike man! Congratulations!
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by elviento

I think the Deda Zero bars will raise your hood position by close to an inch.

Something to think about if you need it lower.
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by eurperg

Yes, in the pic above there's almost too much drop to the hoods so it's no problem. The saddle is at my ride height, 80cm.

The head tube including top cap is 15mm shorter than in my previous bike so it should turn out to be OK. It's also possible to replace the 10mm Colnago top cap with something lower if the hoods are still too high with Zero 100 bars...

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by PSM

3T Ergosum fo best shape. :thumbup:

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by ronderman

I really like that paint job - a little Trek, Specialized - but it's done way, way better than any of their stuff.

I have a slopping 56 and love it - my rule is if you're at 57cm traditional you should stay traditional as the bikes look awesome. 58cm or up it's fine to go sloping as the bikes, in my mind, look better - otherwise the rear seat triangle is too high up and the angle of the seat stay looks off, too.

Good bike.

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by Roobay

you will love this bike :mrgreen:
its really a great all rounder, not the lightest
But hey who gives a :doh:
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Nice. Tremendously jealous. Cannot wait for the build to be finished.
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by mfcycling

it will be cool to see this build finished, can't wait

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