Need help at getting the weight down.

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by Renxianggg

Hi, anyone can recommend me affordable but quality items which could help me reduce my bike weight?
Currently my bike weigh 9.68KG with pedals. Is that normal for a aluminum bike?
For all I know now is
Pedals : Shimano R540- 336g
Wheelset : Fulcrum racing 7 - 1849g
Saddle : concept ex - 324g
Dropbar : FSA vero - 300g
crankset : FSA gossamer - 908g
Stem : Fsa - 150g
Seatpost : FSA - 320g

By affordable, i meant a bucks- maybe around 500bucks is my budget for each item.
So please do help by giving comments!
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by Weenie

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by nathanong87

500$ EACH? item budget. That's easy....u can get an aluminum bike down to 6.8kg (as there are some caad10s in this weight range)

but easily u can shave 1 full lb off the wheels (i have fulcrum 7s as well) 500-2000$ lol?
you can get 100g off with a better seat post 100$?
you can get 100g off with a better saddle - 100$?
you can get 100g off with a better handlebar - 50 to 100$?

this is about 1.75 lbs savings relatively cheap.
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by MagnusH

Are you going to spend 7*500 USD to lighten a 9.68 kg bike?
Might as well just start of with a new bike then :noidea:

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by djconnel

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by bm0p700f

Deda Zero white stem is lighter and cheap/ 130g for a 90mm.
Look Keo pedals are 280g so another 56g there.
Look at saddles from the sella Italia range. A C2 for example is 260g and not too pricey.
FSA Gossomer is a anchor. Find a s/h Shimano Durq ace 7800 crankset. With BB that weighs 773g. A 2011/2/3 Campag veloce crankset though with power torque cups is 817g. Go with Campag if you can s/h they are cheap.

Tyres - Conti GP4000s are 208g each. You masy even have change for a s/h set of wheels.

In short the Alu bikes I sell - Tifosi CK7 with muduards and heavy 25mm Gator Skin tyres - weighs what your bike weighs and that with Miche Reflex wheels which are 300g more than your fulcrums!

So there is lots of scope to reduce weight on your bike. However you might as well start with a new frame.

Campag groupsets are lighter than shimano for a given price. Sram kit can be lighter but it tends to cost more. there could be alot of weight in your fork but as we don't know what it is or even what your frame is we are in the dark.

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